Affiliated Faculty

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Aronson, Jonathan
Professor, Communication and International Relations
Research Areas: International political economy with a focus on trade negotiations, trade in services, comparative regulation, international strategic alliances, and international telecommunications 
Baggott, Erin
Assistant Professor, International Relations
Research Areas: Chinese foreign policy and computational social science based on field research in China, documents about American foreign policy gained through Freedom of Information Act requests, and datasets of Chinese propaganda
Bernards, Brian *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature
Research Areas: Modern Chinese and Southeast Asian literature and cinema (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan), Sinophone studies, postcolonial studies, and inter-Asia cultural studies

Bialock, David
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature
Research Areas: Premodern Japanese literature, classical Japanese poetry, literature and the environment, and ecocriticism

Birge, Bettine
Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and History

Research Areas:  Premodern Chinese history and gender, law and ethnicity in China and Inner Asia

Chae, Esther
Assistant Professor, Acting (Dramatic Arts)

Research Areas: Asian/Asian-American drama/playwriting and representation
Chen, Baizhu
Professor, Clinical Finance and Business Economics
Research Areas: Macroeconomics and international economics with an emphasis on China

Cheng, Meiling
Professor, Critical Studies and English 
Research Areas: Performance art, body art, contemporary Euro-American experimental theater, modern Chinese performance art and live art

Chi, Iris
Professor, Social Work
The Chinese-American Golden Age Association/Dr. Frances Wu Chair

Research Areas: Health and gerontology, long-term care for the elderly in the U.S. and China, and healthcare for Chinese immigrant communities in the U.S.

Chio, Jenny *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Media ethnography, anthropology of Modernity, collective memory and cultural heritage, tourism and migration, documentary practice, and race, ethnicity and nationalism in contemporary China

Choe, Youngmin *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Korean film and culture, contemporary East Asian visual culture, Trans-Asian cinema, tourism studies, and cultural studies

Chung, Ruth Gim
Professor, Clinical Education 
Research Areas: Acculturation and cultural identity, cultural psychology, multicultural counseling, mental health and counseling, career development of racial and ethnic minorities, and intergenerational conflict with a focus on Asian American and Korean American immigrant families
De Leon, Adrian *EASC Faculty Feature
Assistant Professor, American Studies and Ethnicity
Research Areas: Indigeneity, migrant labor, and capitalism in the Philippines and the Filipinx diaspora as well as transpacific and oceanic critique, visual culture, rural history, food studies, and urban studies
Dekle, Robert
Professor, Economics
Research Areas: Economies of Japan and East Asia, international finance, and open-economy and development

Drobnick, Richard
Director, International Business Education and Research program
Research Areas: Pacific Rim economic and business issues and U.S. and Pacific Rim trade policies
Farver, Jo Ann
Professor, Psychology
Research Areas: Development psychology, social development of young children, cross-cultural developmental psychology, violence and young children, and early literacy
Frazier, Robeson Taj
Associate Professor, Communication
Research Areas: Histories and current-day dynamics of race and gender, cultural traffic and contact, urban culture and life, and popular culture of the African Diaspora in the U.S. and China

Goldstein, Joshua *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor, History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Modern Chinese history and culture and recycling in China

Govil, Nitin *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, Cinematic Arts
Research Areas: Global Media, Transnational Hollywood, Asian Media, Media Industries, Comparative Methods, Genre and Star Studies, Science Fiction, Speculative Culture
Heikkila, Eric
Professor and Director, Office of Global Engagement
Research Areas: Urban development, economic development, East Asian cities, urban economics, and urban information systems

Heinrich, Rena
Assistant Professor, Theatre Practice
Research Areas: Interculturalism; race, representation, and gender in performance; postcolonial theater; Asian and Asian American drama; acting; ethnography; and performance studies

Hoji, Hajime
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Research Areas: Japanese/East Asian linguistics

Hoskins, Janet
Professor, Anthropology and Religion
Research Areas: Visual anthropology, colonial and postcolonial theory, transnational religion, ritual performance, indigenous representations of the past and of time, and material culture, gender, exchange, narrative and healing
Houston, Velina Hasu
Professor of Theatre in Dramatic Writing and Director, Dramatic Writing Program
Distinguished Professor of Theatre in Dramatic Writing
Research Areas: Asian-American drama/playwriting, multiethnic identity and interracial relationships
Hymans, Jacques
Associate Professor, International Relations 
Research Areas: International relations and security in Asia and beyond, comparative foreign policy, nuclear proliferation, big science, professionalism, and national and supranational identity
 Jia, Nan
Associate Professor, Management and Organization
Research Areas: Corporate political strategy, business-governance relationships, and corporate governance in international business

Junn, Jane
Professor, Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Associates Chair in Social Sciences

Research Areas: California politics, including gubernatorial and congressional elections, public opinion, polling methods and analysis, women in politics, racial and ethnic politics, the politics of immigration, and political behavior
Kang, David *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor, International Relations and Business, and Director, Korean Studies Institute
Maria Crutcher Professor of International Relations 

Research Areas: International relations of Asia, economic development, security relations, and the historical basis of contemporary relations
Katada, Saori *EASC Faculty Feature 
Professor, International Relations
Research Areas: North-South relations, Japanese foreign policy, international political economy, regionalism, Pacific Rim, international financial and monetary relations, and foreign aid
Kim, Annette M.
Associate Professor, Public Policy and Director, Spatial Analysis Lab
Research Areas: Housing and land use, international development planning, East Asian urbanization, race, arts, and placemaking, and critical mapping and urban analytics
Kondo, Dorinne
Professor, Anthropology and American Studies and Ethnicity
Research Areas: Japan, cultural theory, performance, aesthetics and politics, the question of the subject, cross-racial identification/multiracial collaboration, modes of embodiment, ethnography and genre, integration of “creative” and “critical” writing
Kurashige, Lon
Professor, History and Spatial Sciences
Research Areas: Asian-American history, Japanese American studies, ethnic identity politics, internment studies, and comparative ethnicity
Lee, Sonya *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor, Art History, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Religion, and Director, East Asian Studies Center
Research Areas: Religious art and architecture of premodern China, material culture of Chinese Buddhism and the ancient Silk Road, art and ecology, Asian art collecting, and heritage conservation
Li, Audrey
Professor, Linguistics
Research Areas: Syntax and Chinese language and linguistics

Lin, Jenny *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, Critical Studies
Research Areas: Contemporary Chinese and Chinese American art, architecture, and film; cross-cultural art and design, urban studies, and critical theory
Lippit, Akira Mizuta 
Vice Dean of Faculty, School of Cinematic Arts and Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures, Cinematic Arts, and Comparative Literature; T.C. Wang Family Endowed Chair in Cinematic Arts
Research Areas: Japanese film and culture, world cinemas, critical theory, experimental film and video, and visual studies
Lutkehaus, Nancy
Professor of Anthropology and Political Science
Research Areas: Melanesian Gender and Social Organization, Political and Economic Anthropology, Symbolic Anthropology, Art and Cultures of Oceania, Visual Culture, Ethnographic and Documentary Film

Markowitz, Jonathan
Associate Professor, International Relations
Research Areas: Power projection and grand strategy and political implications of climate change and resource competition in the North Sea and South China Sea
Meeks, Lori
Associate Professor, Religion and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Women, gender, and religion, religious and social history of Japan, women’s history in East Asia, Buddhist literature and philosophy, Buddhist monasticism, and Japanese literature and culture
Moon, Roger
Professor, Economics
Research Areas: Econometrics theory, applied econometrics, empirical finance, and empirical international finance
Morgan, Alaina
Assistant Professor, History
Research Areas: African-American History, African Diaspora History, Afro-Asian Diaspora History, Islam, Muslims in the Americas, Modernist Islamic Thought, Black Intellectual History, Mass Incarceration, Urban History, Black Political Movements
Nugent, Jeffrey
Professor, Economics and Business
Research Areas: Chinese economic development, political economy of growth, small- and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, economic integration, and trade, institutions, industrial development and political economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
Pacifici, Eunjoo
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Director, D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science
Research Areas: Regulatory science, translational science, clinical pharmacy, and pharmaceutical economics and policy with a focus on Asia Pacific and Latin American regions
Park, Sunyoung *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Research Areas: Modern and contemporary Korean literature and culture, postcolonial studies, transnational anarchism and Marxism, feminism and gender studies, and science fiction and technocultural studies
Parreñas, Rhacel
Professor, Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Research Areas: Gender, labor, international migration, transnationalism and globalization, economic sociology, and family with past fieldwork done in Italy, Japan, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and the United States
Piggott, Joan 
Professor, History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Gordon L. MacDonald Chair in History
Research Areas: Premodern historical studies in Japan and East Asia and monarchy, family history, and church-state relations

Rajagopalan, Nandini
Professor, Management and Organization 
Joseph A.DeBell Chair in Business Administration
Research Areas: Corporate governance in emerging economies including China and India, corporate boards, platform-based markets, and corporate diversification
Rosen, Stanley *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor, Political Science 
Research Areas: Politics in the People's Republic of China, Chinese film, and Chinese society
Sheehan, Brett *EASC Faculty Feature 
Professor, History and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Modern China, economy and society, money and banking, and business
Shih, Jean C.
Professor, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Neuroscience
Boyd P. and Elsie D. Welin Professorship in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Areas: Health promotion in China and Taiwan, molecular pharmacology, and toxicology
Shih, Stephanie S.
Associate Professor, Linguistics
Research Areas: Phonology, morphology, variation, computational linguistics, and cognitive science with current projects focused on Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Mende, Dioula, Hausa, and English
Simpson, Andrew 
Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures and Linguistics
Research Areas: Comparative syntax of East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian languages: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi and Bengali
Strauss, John
Professor, Economics and Gerontology
Research Areas: International development economics and interaction between health, nutrition and economic development in China and Indonesia
Sun, Tianshu
Robert R. Dockson Associate Professor, Data Sciences and Operations and Computer Science
Research Areas: Digital platforms and IT-enabled and analytics-driven interventions and leveraging mobile devices and Internet of Things 
Tan, Guofu
Professor, Economics
Research Areas: Chinese economy, auction theory, industrial organization, and competition and regulatory policies
Tang, Shui Yan 
Professor, Policy, Planning and Development
Frances R. and John J. Duggan Professor in Public Administration
Research Areas: Environmental policy in China and East Asia, organizational commitment, institutional analysis, microcredit, and common-pool resources
Thomas, Douglas
Associate Professor of Communication
Research Areas: Intersection of technology and culture, Game Studies, Cybercrime and the culture of video games and the digital revolution in education
Uchiyama, Ben *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, History
Research Areas: Japanese mass culture and national mobilization in wartime, social history of the Japanese home front, politics and culture of occupied Japan, postwar cultural politics, and cultural history of defeated Japan
Wang, Jay
Associate Professor, Public Relations and Director, Center on Public Diplomacy
Research Areas: Nation branding, nonprofit branding, corporate diplomacy, and CSR practices in emerging economies with a focus on China
Wang, Mengxiao *EASC Faculty Feature
Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Premodern China, Buddhism, Chinese literature 
Wang, Shiing-Wu
Associate Professor, Accounting
Research Areas: Financial accounting, tax and valuation issues in mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and taxes and business strategy
Williams, Duncan *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor, Religion and Director, Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture
Research Areas: Buddhism, Japanese and Japanese American religions, Buddhism and nature/environment, Buddhism and WWII Japanese American incarceration, critical mixed race studies, and social history of religion
Wise, Carol
Professor, International Relations
Research areas: International political economy, institutional reform, international development, Latin American politics and economics, interdevelopment, and China-Latin American relations

Wong, Audrye *EASC Faculty Feature
Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations
Research Areas: The political economy of security, China's foreign policy, Asia-Pacific security issues, and the strategies and effectiveness of economic statecraft, with a focus on positive inducements
Wong, T.J.
Professor, Business Administration and Accounting
Joseph A. DeBell Professor of Business Administration
Research areas: Accounting and corporate governance in emerging markets
Yang, Aimei
Associate Professor, Journalism
Research areas: Transnational civil networks, multi-sectoral alliance networks, public diplomacy, and dynamic social networks in social movements
Yang, Sha
Vice-Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Marshall School of Business and Professor, Marketing
Ernest Hahn Professor of Marketing

Research areas: Consumer purchase behavior, market competition, search engine advertising, and social networks
Yasar, Kerim *EASC Faculty Feature
Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research areas: Modern Japanese literature and cinema, media theory and history, auditory culture and musicology, translation theory and praxis, and performance studies and the history of Japanese film acting

Zu, Jessica *EASC Faculty Feature
Assistant Professor, Religion
Research Areas: Modern Chinese Buddhism

RTPC Faculty

Alexander, John
Artist in Residence, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Photography, film and video, documentary practice, and contemporary China
Bharne, Vinayak
Adjunct Professor, Landscape Urbanism & Heritage Conservation in Architecture
Research Areas: Contemporary urbanism in Asia and Latin America, urban informality, low-income housing, indigenous habitats and sacred territories
Choung, Jinhee
Lecturer, Political Science
Research Areas: East Asian comparative politics, economic development, and Korean labor reform
Chow, Mina
Adjunct Associate Professor, Architecture 
Research Areas: International design, architecture, documentary filmmaking and history, technology, theory and culture
Desjardins, Miya Elise *EASC Faculty Feature
Adjunct Associate Professor (Teaching), East Asian Languages and Cultures and Art History

Research Areas: Modern Japanese art and literature

Kim. Esther
Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
Research Areas: Research methodology, higher education, migration, and social inequalities

Lee, Ben
Clinical Professor of Communication
Research Areas: China, entertainment industries, entrepreneurship innovation, new media, organizational performance, and research methods

Lee, Hye Jin
Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication
Research Areas: K-pop industry and global fandom, transformation of cultural meaning, status and content of popular culture, convergence of social media and television and the gendering of technology

Webb, Jason  *EASC Faculty Feature
Professor (Teaching), Comparative Literature and East Asian Languages and Cultures and Associate Director, USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religions and Culture 
Research Areas: Reception of Chinese texts 7th-9th century Japan, literary theory and political authority, royal poetic anthologies, and early Japanese and Chinese poetry
Xiao, Yan 
Adjunct Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Areas: Chinese science and technology, seismic analysis, and implementation of new materials into structural design

Language Faculty

Ahn, Hyunjung
Assistant Professor (Teaching), East Asian Languages and Cultures
Irie, Maki
Senior Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures 
Jian, Xiang
Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
  Kim, Woojoo
Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
  Konno, Mamiko
Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kumagai, Yuka
Master Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kuo, Yu-Chi
Senior Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Li, Shanshan
Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Liao, Hsiao-Yun 
Master Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Liu, Yi-Hsien
Associate Professor (Teaching), East Asian Languages and Cultures
Magriney, Christopher
Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Matsumoto, Yumi
Senior Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Na, Eunju 
Master Lecturer, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Tamanaha, Masako 
Assistant Professor (Teaching), East Asian Languages and Cultures
Tseng, Tin-Yu
Assistant Professor (Teaching), East Asian Languages and Cultures


Corbett, Rebecca
Japanese Studies Librarian, East Asian Library
Hong, Jungeun
Interim Korean Studies Librarian
Kim, Joy
Korean Heritage Library Curator, East Asian Library
Li, Tang
Chinese Studies Librarian, East Asian Library
Park, Jiin
Korean Heritage Library Visiting Librarian, East Asian Library

Emeriti Faculty

Berger, Gordon
Professor Emeritus, History
Research Areas: 20th century political and institutional Japanese history 
Birnbaum-More, Philip B.H
Professor Emeritus, Management Organization
Research Areas: Competitive strategy formulation and implementation in high technology firms in global markets with a focus on East Asia
Cheng, Harrison
Associate Professor Emeritus, Economics
Research Areas: General equilibrium, game theory, and Chinese economic development
Cheung, Dominic
Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Modern and classical Chinese literature and Chinese cultural studies and art
Dingman, Roger
Professor Emeritus, International Relations
Research Areas: U.S.-Japan relations
Hayden, George
Associate Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Research Areas: Premodern Chinese literature, text and music of classical drama, and history of Chinese language
James, David
Professor, Cinematic Arts
Research Areas: East-Asian cinema, avant-garde cinema, culture in Los Angeles, film and music, and working-class culture
Joines, Douglas
Professor Emeritus, Finance and Business Economics
Research Areas: Taxes, deficits, and social security in the global system including Japan
Klein, Kenneth
Head Librarian Emeritus, East Asian Library
Lin, Thomas
Professor Emeritus, Accounting
Research Areas:  Chinese accounting and management, control systems, and strategic cost management

Ma, Qingyun
Professor Emeritus, Architecture
Research Areas: International design, planning, and architecture


Seaman, Gary
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Research Areas: Taiwan, China, ethnographic film, ethnography, hypermedia in ethnography, and ritual
Seiter, Ellen
Professor, Cinematic Arts; Stephen K. Nenno Endowed Chair in Television Studies
Research Areas: Media copyright law, youth and television, television streaming, how brain diseases are represented in film, effects of screens on the brain, patterns of television viewing, gender and racial stereotypes, class biases in television, and anime
Steele, James
Professor, Architecture
Research Areas: History of architecture, Asian architecture, Islamic architecture, and environmental concerns in architecture with an emphasis on sustainability
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