About Host Institution: National Taiwan University (NTU)

Established in 1928, National Taiwan University (NTU), also known as Taida, is the longest continuing and the most comprehensive university in Taiwan. It is considered by many the best and most prestigious academic institutions in Taiwan, constantly placing not only on the list of top ranked university in Asia but among the best universities in the world by well-reputed academic rankings.  The main campus of NTU is centrally located at the heart of Taipei city in Gongguan district, among many educational and research institutions. The district is safe and convenient, with many business, cultural and leisure activities around, such as universities, banks, parks, and both Chinese and Western style eateries. The campus has easy access to the subway (Gong Guan MRT station) and public transportation. The campus itself has very good security, with guards and/or security system on the perimeter as well as in all the major buildings.


The facilities at NTU are of highest educational quality in Taiwan. It has multi-media classrooms that are especially tailored for language instruction. NTU also houses the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP), which is one of the premier institutions for intensive training in formal Mandarin, Taiwanese, Classical Chinese, and other Chinese languages.  Opportunities for interaction with native speakers are numerous, in particular, with the students and teachers at NTU, many of whom are experts or graduate students in the field of second/foreign language pedagogy. Of course, daily and practical interactions with native speakers are instantly available to our students once they step outside of the dorm building. 

The student activity center includes cafeteria, convenience store, snack bar, beauty salon, bookstore, student lounge and meeting rooms. Health facilities are open to all students.

  • Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
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  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong