The USC Summer Program in Taipei provides students with comparable quality instruction that they expect from USC’s regular course offerings. All courses will be taught by USC faculty, and the curriculum will have the same academic standards as on-campus courses. Students will receive full USC course credits upon the completion of the program.

Each course, EALC 108, EALC 334, EALC 336, EALC 207a, EALC 207b, EALC 412A and EALC 412B, will last four weeks.  Instruction in the classroom will take place in the mornings, Monday through Friday, from 9 A.M. to noon. Everyday in the afternoon, there is also a one-on-one oral practice session for an hour. The total amount of contact hours for each course will be 75 hours. The teaching materials and methods, as well as testing, grading, and course evaluation are the same as those for the courses offered at USC.

Co-curricular activities will take place in the afternoons or evenings, including focus study and case study session, one-on-one language tutorial, Chinese film viewing session, writing workshop, business visits, organized field trips, language exchanges, art and cultural programs, and individual meetings with the instructors or program director.

There will be also myriad opportunities for intercultural and language exchanges with native speakers on and off campus. Business visits and cultural excursions will be arranged to further enhance awareness and understanding of the language, history and culture of Taiwan. There will also be two or three longer excursions outside of Taipei City to explore the various regional cultures and heritages of the island. The cost of field trips is included in the tuition fee.

  • Courses for the 4-Week & 8-week Program

  • The program plans to offer the following courses. However, the actual courses offered each year may vary, depending on the enrollment number and other administrative factors.

  • EALC 108 Reading and Writing Chinese (4 units)

  • The basics of reading and writing modern Chinese; intensive reading and writing of paragraphs, essays, and stories; extensive reading of beginner-level authentic materials, especially related to the history and heritage of Taiwan.

  • EALC 207a & EALC 207b Intermediate Chinese: Reading and Oral Communication (4 units each, equivalent of Chinese III and IV)

  • Improving Chinese reading techniques and oral presentation skills with a focus on Taiwanese clutures in an immersive environment. Offered only in Taiwan summer program.

  • EALC 334 & EALC 336 Chinese Language Through Films and Television (4 units each, equivalent of Advance Chinese I & II)

  • Enhancement of functional, advanced-level Mandarin proficiency for vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness through selected Chinese-language films and television programs, with a focus of Taiwanese films, television, and media in this summer program.

  • EALC 412A & EALC 412B Business Chinese (4 units each)

  • Practice in the basic vocabulary and idioms of foreign trade and other commercial transactions in Mandarin with field-trip opportunities to personally visit well-regarded companies in Taiwan, talk with local business people, and perform business case-studies and presentations.

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  • All photos taken by Elissa L., Yulee Kim and Ka Wong