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Department Business Officers


Bertha Arce

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8135
Departments:  Art History, Comparative Literature, Environmental Studies, French and Italian, International Museum Institute, Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese

Wendy Cook Pedersen

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8085
Departments: Dornsife Communication, East Asian Language and Cultures, Gender Studies, Korean Studies Institute, Overseas Studies, Physical Education

Vicky De Los Reyes

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8209
Department: Chemistry

Amentha Dymally

Department Business Officer
(213) 821-1077
Departments: Classics, Insitute of Armenian Studies, Joint Educational Project, Levan Institute, Sociology

Shirin Mistry

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-4939
Departments: Center for Japanese and Religous Culture, Center for Religion & Civic Culture, Human Evolutionary Biology, Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, Mathematics, Religion, Sea Grant Program

Lois Nishimoto

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8288
Departments: American Language Institute, Anthropology, Political Science, Program for Environmental and Regional Equity, Unruh Institute of Politcs

Christine Patugan

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-3164
Departments:  Center for Economic and Social Research, Creative Writing Program, Economics, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Philosophy

Renee Perez

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8400
Departments:  Earth Sciences, History, Middle East Studies, Southern California Earthquake Studies

Randall Ray

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8332
Departments: Brain and Creativity Institute, Center for International Studies, Dornsife Imaging Center, International Relations

Cynthia Schirmer

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8344
Departments: Psychology, Psychology Services Center, Shoah Foundation for Visual History and Education

Karla Souza Dias

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8226
Departments: Center of Excellence in Genomic Sciences, Computational Biology, Molecular Biology

James Stilwell

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8407
Departments: American Studies and Ethnicity, Dornsife Advanced and Professional Programsm, Master of Professional Writing, Physics and Astronomy, Space Sciences Center

Allison Welsh

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8372

Departments: Creative Writing Program, Dornsife Business Office, Dornsife Dean's Office, Dornsife Technology Services, English, Machine Shop

Denise Wiegel

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8108
Departments: Casden Institute, Dornsife Admissions, Dornsife Advising, East Asian Studies Center, General Education, Geographic Information Systems Lab, Pre-Health Advising, Spatial Sciences Institute, Supplemental Instruction, Thematic Option

Debbie Williams

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8132
Departments: Dornsife Advancement, Language Center, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Writing Program

Chris Yokas

Department Business Officer
(213) 740-8331
Departments: Biological Sciences, Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations, Center for Electron Microscopy & Microanalysis, Marine and Environmental Biology, Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies