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Colin Conwell

Class Level: Senior

Majors/Minors: Cognitive Science & International Relations, Comparative Literature

Interests: Vision Neuroscience; Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuroeconomics; Bayesian Perception; Aesthetic Philosophy & Theory; Ecological Aesthetics; Ecocriticism; Ecology; Postconflict Resolution & Security Studies

Research Experience: Laboratories of Professors Justin Wood & Henrike Moll (Department of Psychology); "The Animated Plant" with Professors Natania Meeker & Antonia Szabari (Departments of French & Italian, Comparative Literature); "Homo Diplomaticus Project" with Professor Brian Rathbun (School of International Relations); previous field research in Ghana, Thailand & Myanmar.

Relevant Coursework:Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuropsychology; Functional Neuroanatomy; Neuroeconomics; Cognitive Processes; Introduction to Programming; Aesthetic Philosophy & Theory; Game Theory; International Security; Aesthetic Philosophy & Theory. Core coursework in Thematic Options.

Colin can be reached via email: