Beau is doctoral student in USC’s Classics program.  He earned his BA in Classical Languages at Vanderbilt University where he focused on Latin poetry of the Late Republic and Augustan Age, especially Catullus.  He then received his MA in Musical Theatre performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. 

Beau is interest in the reception of classics, especially in pop culture. Other research interests include the history of superhumans, onomastics, and the development of alphabetic writing. Beau is working on a synesthetic method of representing the sounds of speech as a way to clarify and analyze sonic features of poetry and prose.

Beau’s in-progress dissertation combines a history of the role of music in education and new, pop-music-based materials to help teachers present classics in new and engaging ways (

He hopes to use his background in theatre and the arts to enliven the reputation of Classics amongst the general public and to encourage the field’s reinstatement as a fundament of education.


  • M.A. Classics, University of Southern California, 5/2016
  • M.A. Theatre (Acting), Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 11/2008
  • BA , Vanderbilt University, 5/2007
  • Research Keywords

    Alphabet, Superhumans, Superheroes, Reception, Adaptation, Comics, Music, Onomastics, Historical Linguistics, Ovid, Pedagogy, Outreach