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Isolate or Engage: Adversarial States, US Foreign Policy, and Public Diplomacy

2015/ Geoffrey Wiseman, ed.
Stanford University Press

State Behavior and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime

2015/ Jeffrey R. Fields
University of Georgia Press

Diplomacy's Value: Creating Security in 1920s Europe and the Contemporary Middle East

2014/ Brian C. Rathbun
Cornell University Press

The Financial Statecraft of Emerging Powers: Shield and Sword in Asia and Latin America

2014/ Leslie Elliott Armijo and Saori Katada, eds.
Palgrave MacMillan

Military Soft Power: Public Diplomacy through Military Educational Exchanges

2014/ Carol Atkinson
Rowan and Littlefield

Death Before the Fall: Biblical Literalism and the Problem of Animal Suffering

2014/ Ronald E. Osborn
InterVarsity Press

The Collapse: The Accidental Opening of the Berlin Wall

2014/ Mary Elise Sarotte
Johns Hopkins University Press

A Feminist Voyage through International Relations

2014/ J. Ann Tickner
Oxford University Press

Official Stories: Politics and National Narratives in Egypt and Algeria

2014/ Laurie Brand
Stanford University Press

Scholars, Policymakers, and International Affairs: Finding Common Cause

2014/ Abraham F. Lowenthal and Mariano E. Bertucci, eds.
Johns Hopkins University Press

Finding Pathways: Mixed-Method Research for Studying Causal Mechanisms

2014/ Nick Weller and Jeb Barnes
Cambridge University Press

Agency Change: Diplomatic Action Beyond the State

2014/ John Robert Kelley
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers

The Cartographic State: Maps, Territory, and the Origins of Sovereignty

2014/ Jordan Branch
Cambridge University Press

The Political Ecology of the Metropolis: Metropolitan Sources of Electoral Behaviour in Eleven Countries

2013/ Jeffrey M. Sellers, Daniel Kübler, Alan Walks, and Melanie Walter-Rogg, eds. 
European Consortium for Political Research Press

Women's Global Health: Norms and State Policies

2013/ Lyn-Boyd Judson and Patrick James, eds.
Lexington Books

Diplomacy in a Globalizing World: Theories and Practices

2013/ Pauline Kerr and Geoffrey Wiseman, eds.
Oxford University Press


Canadian Studies in the New Millenium, Second Edition

2013/ Mark J. Kasoff and Patrick James, eds.
University of Toronto Press


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