Chamber Challenge 2023

Each year the SoCal diving community raises extra funds for our Chamber through the Chamber Challenge. These funds are vital to the operation of our Chamber and account for over 50% of what we generally raise during the entire event.

It's a simple concept: you make a donation and then “challenge” your friends and associates to do the same. Last year was an out-of-this-world incredible effort, with $123,915 in Challenge donations – a new Chamber Day record!!! - so we've got our work cut out for us. Can we set a record again??? Also remember that donations can be made in someone's honor/memory. They’ll be tagged with the honoree’s name as well as yours as the donor.

Although contributions of any amount are welcome, we have a tiered level of donations, as follows:

Chamber Challenge
as of May5th


- Diamond
- Platinum
- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze

All Diamond, Platinum, and Gold donors will receive special recognition from our Chamber for their donation. Contributions can come from individuals, clubs, stores, boats, publications, and others. Contributions can also be grouped together for a larger total. If the company you work for has a matching grant program, Challenge donations usually qualify.

Donations can be made either through our secure server or by calling 310-652-4990. Cash, check, and credit card are all fine.

Link to Donor List

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