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USC Sociology & Gender Studies Prof. Michael Messner and PhD. students Tal Peretz and Max Greenberg have written a book on men working to end violence against women. The book will be out on March 2, through Oxford University Press.



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2013-14 New Directions in Feminist Research Fellows


The Center For Feminist Research is pleased to announce that the 2013-1 New Directions in Feminist Research Seminar, directed by Professor Rhacel Parrenas, will focus on "Global Capitalism and Intimate Industries."  In addition to Parrenas, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, next year's seminar will include the following group of fellows:


1) Katie Hasson, Assistant Professor of Sociology (Dornsife). Her project, “The Global Politics of Menstrual Suppression,” will examine the international availability and marketing of menstrual suppression birth control as well as how narratives of menstruation and menstrual products circulate globally.


2) Chaitanya Lakkimsetti, Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow with the Gender Studies Program and the Center for Feminist Research (Dornsife). Her project, “‘From Bars to Streets’: Understanding Intimate Industries Through Dance Bars in India,” will explore media representations of dance bars and bar dancers in India, particularly how notions of “excess and extraction” are represented and how they are tied to moral panic and social exclusions.


3) Nathanial Burke, Ph.D. student in Sociology (Dornsife). His project is entitled “Performing Masculinity in the Adult Film Industry.” Through a survey that interrogates the working experiences of men in pornography, access to employment, pay rates, and job satisfaction will be correlated with workers' demographics to understand how the industry (re)produces norms and ideals of sexuality and masculinity.


4) Feng-Mei Heberer, Ph.D. student in Critical Studies (Cinematic Arts). Her project, “Lesbian Factory – On the Production of Love and Care Among Migrant Women Workers in Asia,” will draw from scholarship on global migration and neoliberalism, affect theory, queer studies, as well as critical race studies, to investigate documentary and performance videos on Asian transnational subjects and discuss the normalization of minority populations.


5) Erin Kamler, Ph.D. student in Communication (Annenberg). Her project, “Art, Social Justice and Women’s Empowerment: Dramatization as Research in the Trafficking In Persons Space in Thailand,” combines international feminist research with the writing, composing and production of an original musical based on the discourse on the trafficking of women in Thailand.


6) Demetrios Psihopaides, Ph.D. student in Sociology (Dornsife). His project, “Producing Technologies of Trans Subjectivities and Defining US Citizenship,” will provide a rigorous, empirically grounded analysis of how heterogendered, racialized, and economic anxieties converge in decentralized, state-sponsored arenas to not only construct the state and definitions of national belonging, but also produce the very technologies of subjectivities that produce a coherent sense of “self.”


The CFR's "New Directions in Feminist Research" is organized annually around a particular theme.  The seminar offers participants an opportunity to work collectively on thematically linked projects, and also creates public events--invited speakers, panels, conferences--that engage the broader feminist community of faculty and students at USC.  Stay tuned for announcements for such events in 2013-14




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