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At USC Dornsife, our pre-professional advisors will help you navigate undergraduate course and major options, direct you toward opportunities to volunteer and intern, and provide a variety of resources to help you achieve your goals.

USC Dornsife is your gateway to graduate education. Our pre-law, pre-health, and pre-graduate school advisors meet one-on-one with you if you are interested in graduate and professional schools, assisting you in crafting your unique undergraduate experience and preparing you to achieve your graduate school goals.

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At USC Dornsife, both your faculty and and your fellow classmates will push you and challenge you in new and exciting ways.

If ever you find yourself slipping, lost, or in need of a little extra guidance in any of your classes, there's no need to worry. Our number one priority is ensuring that you have the tools and support to succeed in our enriching academic community.

In addition to our numerous academic support programs, we encourage you to engage your faculty and academic advisors on a personal level. Finding a faculty or staff mentor can be your greatest asset as you navigate your undergraduate experience.

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USC Dornsife offers over 50 semester-long and year-long programs in nearly 30 countries all over the world. Volunteer in a hospital or gain laboratory research experience at the University of Sussex; intern with the Australian Parliament or a non-governmental organization in Canberra; focus on environmental sustainability in Costa Rica; or take weekly field trips to museums and historical sites in China.

The possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in examining the world a little closer to home, USC Dornsife's Wrigley Institute enables you to spend time living, studying, and researching marine life and environmental science on Catalina Island. Mix small lectures, lab work, and field trips with kayaking and snorkeling on a daily basis. What a way to spend a semester!

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If you are considering a school like USC Dornsife, chances are you relish any opportunity to take on new academic challenges. Even in a diverse community of scholars like ours, there are many ways to push yourself further, engage in high-minded debate, and immerse yourself in new ways of thinking.

USC Dornsife offers a variety of honors programs to undergraduate students. Whether you are a freshman looking for a different take on general education or natural science, an upper classman hoping to graduate with honors, or even a junior in high school interested in making the jump to college a bit early, USC Dornsife wants to tailor your college experience to your needs and aspirations.

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Research is an integral part of academic life at USC Dornsife, and students are encouraged to engage in research at every stage of their academic careers.

Students are encouraged to get to know their professors and become involved as members of their research teams. Imagine investigating the processes through which babies acquire language, conducting peace & conflict research through interviews with survivors of genocide and civil war, or analyzing online economies and applying game theory to the new online digital universe.

This is what makes USC a premiere research institution: USC Dornsife faculty are actively engaged in groundbreaking research, and undergraduate students are working every day alongside many of our most renowned scholars.

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No matter where you find yourself in your search for a major or a possible career, the academic advisors in USC Dornsife are here to offer guidance and support in achieving your goals.

In addition to providing guidance on course selection, these professional staff advisors serve as resources in finding research, internship, and service opportunities related to your major.

Students who are undecided have an entire staff of academic advisors on hand to provide assistance. These professional staff advisors meet with students at least once each semester to discuss course selection and provide support and advice on searching for a major.
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The USC Core is the hallmark of a USC education and the common bond between you and all other USC undergraduates.

Through courses in General Education, Writing, and Diversity, you will sharpen your skills in critical thinking. You will learn to weigh competing theories, evaluate new evidence, and articulate an informed individual point of view.

The courses that make up your USC Core experience will broaden your intellectual horizons, expose you to unfamiliar cultures and traditions, and introduce you to the wonders of science.

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With over 70 majors and 70 minors in more than 30 departments, USC Dornsife is the largest and most diverse of all the schools at USC.

Your next four years are about exploring new things: new interests, new friends, new directions. USC Dornsife partners with you in this exploration process by presenting an ever-expanding array of major and minor options.

Choosing your major(s) and minor(s) is one of the most important decisions you will make as a USC student. Each academic program is carefully crafted in order to maximize your college experience, offering you in-depth exposure to the course material that interests you the most.

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Have you been involved in your local community during high school? Do you enjoy giving back, volunteering your time, and changing your world for the better?

There's a reason USC is celebrated for its contribution to the local community: we ask our students to make service learning an integral part of their undergraduate experience. Through efforts like the Joint Educational Project, The Writer in the Community program, Youth and Family Programs, and our Teaching International Relations Program, civic engagement is a staple of the USC Dornsife experience for over 2,000 USC students each semester.

In 2005, USC was declared a preeminent "College With a Conscience" by the Princeton Review. We work every day to continue this legacy, and to offer students the tools they need to live their lives with purpose.

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Much of what makes USC Dornsife so special takes place outside the classroom. Combining prime location in the heart of Los Angeles, a faculty of roughly 700 of the world's best and brightest scholars, and the most diverse and dynamic student population in the country, your learning experience may begin in the classroom - but it certainly won't end there.

Every year, thousands of USC Dornsife students engage in heated debate over challenging contemporary moral and ethical dilemmas through the Levan Institute, staff political and legal offices throughout Los Angeles through the Unruh Institute, and design the earthquake detection technologies of the future at the Southern California Earthquake Center.

If you want hands-on, real world experience before graduating from college, look no further than the internships, apprenticeships, and research opportunities available through USC Dornsife's institutes and centers.

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