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American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the country’s most prestigious honorary societies and independent research centers. Designed as a forum for leading scholars to exchange ideas, the Academy remains an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to critical analysis of society’s most pressing problems. Its membership is drawn from across the disciplines of mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, medicine, the social sciences, humanities, business, government, public affairs, and the arts. Election to the Academy as a Fellow is extremely selective and denotes high achievement and accomplishment in cultivating the arts and sciences. Each year, the privilege of nominating new members is reserved to current Fellows. The Academy also grants honorary membership to a select number of foreign scholars.

Leonard AdlemanHenry Salvatori Distinguished Chair in Computer Science and Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Biological Sciences
Leo BraudyUniversity Professor and Leo S. Bing Chair in English and American Literature and Professor of English, Art History and History
Antonio DamasioUniversity Professor, David Dornsife Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology and Neurology
Hanna DamasioUniversity Professor, Dana Dornsife Chair in Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology and Neurology
Geoff DyerWriter in Residence
Richard EasterlinUniversity Professor and Professor of Economics
Scott FraserElizabeth Garrett Chair in Convergent Bioscience and Provost Professor of Biological Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Physiology and Biophysics, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Pediatrics, Radiology and Ophthalmology
Eric FriedlanderDean's Professor of Mathematics
Jed FuhrmanMcCulloch-Crosby Chair in Marine Biology and Professor of Biological Sciences
Robert HellwarthUniversity Professor, George T. Pfleger Chair in Electrical Engineering, and Professor of Physics
Tom JordanUniversity Professor, William M. Keck Foundation Chair in Geological Sciences and Professor of Earth Sciences
George OlahDistinguished Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Chair in Organic Chemistry
Norbert SchwarzProvost Professor of Psychology and Marketing
Scott SoamesDistinguished Professor of Philosophy
Larry SwansonUniversity Professor and Appleman Professor of Biological Sciences, Neurology and Psychology
Michael WatermanUniversity Professor, USC Associates Chair in Natural Sciences, and Professor of Biological Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics
Gary WatsonProvost Professor of Philosophy and Law
Ernest WilsonWalter Annenberg Chair in Communication and Professor of Political Science