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Elinor Accampo

Professor of History

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 740-1649
Office: SOS 280



Ph.D. , University of California, Berkeley, 1/1984

Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

Professor, Department of History, University of Southern California, 09/01/2006-  
Vice Dean, USC College, Graduate Programs, University of Southern California, 07/01/2007-06/30/2008  
Acting Chair, Department of History, University of Southern California, 07/15/2006-07/14/2007  
Associate Professor, Department of History and Gender Studies, University of Southern California, 09/01/1988-08/31/2006  
Acting Chair, Program for the Study of Women and Men in Society, University of Southern California, 06/01/1988-09/01/1989  
Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Southern California, 09/01/1983-08/01/1988  
Instructor, Denison University, 02/01/1982-06/01/1983  
Visiting Instructor, Department of History, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 09/01/1979-08/01/1981  

Description of Research

Summary Statement of Research Interests

Professor Accampo is a Modern Europeanist with a specialization in French social and cultural history. She has focused her research on gender and family issues, 19th and 20th century France, and European social and culural history. She has written two books, and co-edited of a third. She has also authored several articles and book chapters. Her first book was a study of the impact of industrialization on working-class family life and the decline in fertility. Her most recent book is a biography of Nelly Roussel (1878-1922), a French feminist and publicist of birth control. Her current research reflects her on-going interest in the relationship between feminism and reproductive rights, and a new interest in government responses to the flu pandemic of 1918.

Research Keywords

19th-20th Century Europe, fin-de-siecle, belle epoque, France, social history, cultural history, gender, women, masculinity, feminism, birth control, biography, Nelly Roussel, epidemics, disease, World War I, 1918 flu pandemic

Research Specialties

Nineteenth and twentieth century French social and cultural history, history of the working class, history of the family, women, gender and feminism; biography; cultural history of disease.



Forth, Christopher E; Accampo, Elinor A. (Ed.). (2010). Confronting Modernity in Fin-de-Siecle France. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
Noble, T. F., Strauss, B., Neuschel, K. B., Accampo, E. A., Roberts, D. D., Cohen, W. B. (2010). Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries. (Vol. A, B, C). Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage.
Noble, T. F., Strauss, B., Osheim, D. J., Neuschel, K. B., Accampo, E. A., Roberts, D. D., Cohen, W. B. (2007). Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries. Boston and New York: Houghton-Mifflin.
Accampo, E. A. (2006). Blessed Motherhood, Bitter Fruit: Nelly Roussel and the Politics of Female Pain in Third Republic France. Johns Hopkins University Press.
Accampo, E. A., Fuchs, R. G., Stewart, M. L. (1995). Gender and the Politics of Social Reform in Third Republic France. Johns Hopkins University Press.
Accampo, E. A. (1989). Industrialization, Family and Class Relations: Saint Chamond, 1815-1914. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

Book Chapter

Accampo, E. A. (2002). Class and Gender in Revolutionary France: 1788-1880. (Vol. Revolutionary France, 1788-1880). pp. 30. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Accampo, E. A. (2000). Private Life, Public Image: Motherhood and Militancy in the Self-Construction of Nelly Roussel, 1900- 1922. (Vol. The New Biography: Performing Femininity in Ninete). pp. 43. Berkeley and Los Angeles, California: University of California Press.

Journal Article

Accampo, E. A. (2003). The Gendered Nature of Contraception in France: Neo-Malthusianism, 1900-1920. Journal of Interdisciplinary History/MIT Press. Vol. Volume 34, pp. number 2.
Accampo, E. A. (1996). The Rhetoric of Reproduction and the Reconfiguration of Womanhood in the French Birth Control Movement, 1890-1920. The Journal of Family History. Vol. Vol 21 (3), pp. 20.

Honors and Awards

Innovative Undergraduate Teaching Award, Center for Excellence in Teaching, University of Southern California, 2000-2001   
College Awards for Research Excellence, University of Southern California, 1997-1998   
Hewlett Foundation Grant, 1995-1996   
Zumberg Faculty Research and Innovation Award, 1993-1994   
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship Recipient, Grant-in-Aid, 1990-1991   
USC Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Recognition Award, for book, INDUSTRIALIZATION, FAMILY LIFE, AND CLASS RELATIONS, Fall 1990   
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship Recipient, Travel-to-collections Grant, Summer 1990, Spring 1990   

Service to the University

Administrative Appointments

Vice Dean of USC College, 07/01/2007-06/30/2008  
Acting Chair, Department of History, 08/16/2006-08/15/2007  


Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History, 2011-2012   
Member, University Committee on Curriculum, 2007-2008   
Chair, (President) Faculty Council, 2006-2007   
Vice President, College Faculty Council Chair, Faculty Caucus, College Faculty Council Member, Academic Senate Chair, Task Force to revise Student Course Guide, Academic Senate Member, Programs Committee, History Department Member, Appointments Committee, History Department , 2005-2006   

Service to the Profession

Administrative Appointments

President, Society for French Historical Studies, 04/01/2010-04/01/2012  

Conferences Organized

President, Society For French Historical Studies, Los Angeles, The 58th Annual Conference of the Society for French Historical Studies will take place March 22-24, 2012. This conferences is sponsored by the Department of History, the USC College, and the Francophone Resource Center. It will take place on the USC campus and the Omni Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, 04/01/2010-03/24/2012  

Editorships and Editorial Boards

Editorial Board, French Historical Studies, 1998-2001  

Professional Memberships

Western Association of Women Historians, 01/04/2005-  
Society for French Historical Studies, 09/01/1983-  
Western Society for French History, 09/01/1983-  
American Historical Association, 09/01/1978-  
Executive Council, Western Society for French History, 10/30/2003-10/30/2006  
Society for French Historical Study, Executive Council, 1999-2002  
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