Susan Mccabe

Professor of English

Contact Information
Phone: (213) 821-0477
Office: THH 431

Curriculum Vitae

Biographical Sketch

Susan McCabe was born on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, has taught in Oregon and Arizona, and received her PhD at UCLA. She also taught and conducted research in her mother’s country of Sweden. She directed the PhD in Literature and Creative Writing Program (2006-2009), and has been President of the Modernist Studies Association. She is the author of four books, including two critical studies—Elizabeth Bishop: Her Poetics of Loss (Penn State University Press, 1994) and Cinematic Modernism: Modern Poetry and Film (Cambridge University Press, 2005)—and two poetry volumes, Swirl (Red Hen Press, 2003), and Descartes’ Nightmare (winner of the Agha Shahid Ali prize and published by Utah University Press in 2008). Her scholarship has primarily focused on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on modernism, gender studies and film; her creative writing builds upon many of the motifs found in her research. McCabe’s research in 20th and 21st century poetry has been a major source for her creative projects. Her current research, however, marks a transition from writing in the genres of scholarly criticism and poetry to biography: a first full-length study, Bryher: Female Husband of Modernism. An ambassador and pioneer in modernism, Bryher, the illegitimate daughter of a shipping magnate, had a significant presence in diverse areas—modern poetry, cinema, psychoanalysis, and gender politics, all areas engaged by McCabe's writing thus far. McCabe received a Beinecke Fellowship at Yale to conduct research at the library's enormous archive of Bryher's writing and correspondence. McCabe has been awarded the Provost’s “Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities and the Sciences” (2007-8) to focus upon Bryher’s myriad “triangles” within modernism. In Fall 2011, she was a fellow at the Academy of America in Berlin. Simultaneously, McCabe is finishing another book of poems, Fates, a collection focused upon the voices of the dead as they intermingle with the living, and the uneasy companions of contemporary technology and ecopoetics.


  • Ph.D. , University of California, Los Angeles

  • Academic Appointment, Affiliation, and Employment History

    Tenure Track Appointments
    • Full Professor of English, University of Southern California, 12/05/2008-  
    • Assistant Professor, University of Southern California, 01/01/1999-  
    • Director of PhD Program in Literature & Creative Writing, University of Southern California, 08/2006-08/2009  
    • Associate Professor, University of Southern California, 08/01/2003-12/04/2008  
    • Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor, Lund University, Spring 2006   
    • Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, 01/01/1994-01/01/1999  
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles, 01/01/1991-01/01/1994  
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Oregon, 01/01/1990-01/01/1991  
    • Teaching Assistant, University of California, Los Angeles, 01/01/1985-01/01/1990  
    Visiting and Temporary Appointments
    • Fulbright Scholar and Professor, Lund University, Sweden, Spring 2006   
    Other Employment
    • Professor of English, University of Southern California, 12/05/2008-  
    • Director of PhD in Literature & Creative Writing, University of Southern California, 08/31/2006-08/31/2009  

    Description of Research

    Summary Statement of Research Interests
    Professor McCabe studies modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, creative writing, gender studies, film studies, psychoanalysis and biography.
    Research Keywords
    modern and contemporary poetry and poetics, creative writing, gender studies, film and visual culture, biography
    Research Specialties
    McCabe's research specialties primarily lie in modernism, poetics, creative writing, gender and film studies, and psychoanalysis.

    Funded Research

    Contracts and Grants Awarded
    • Bryher's Europe: Weimar Culture, Resistance and Refugees: 1925-40 (The American Academy in Berlin), Susan McCabe, $20,000, Fall 2011   
    • Swedish Memoir & the Detective Genre (Fulbright), Susan McCabe, $40,000, Spring 2006   
    • Hilda Doolittle Fellowship (Yale University Beinecke Library), Susan McCabe, $6,000, Fall 2005   
    USC Funding
    • Advancing Scholarshi in the Humanities & Social Sciences. Bryher: The Triangulated Desries of Modernism: The project explores Bryher's numerous collaborations and triangles within literary and cultural modernism, establishing her as a "female husband" and redefining the very nature of collaboration., $12,800, 2008-2009   

    Affiliations with Research Centers, Labs, and Other Institutions

    • Gender Studies Advisory Board, Member
    • Literary, Visual & Material Culture, Member of Steering Committee
    • PhD Program in Creative Writing & Literature, Affiliated faculty
    • University of California Press, Editor for Poetry Series

    Conferences and Other Presentations

    Conference Presentations
    • ""Money, Patronage & Modernism"", Lecture/Seminar, Paper, Berlin, Forschungscolloquium der Literatur und Kultur at J, Invited, Spring 2012   
    • "Bryher & the Melancholy of Money", Lecture/Seminar, Paper, Berlin, Amercan Academy in Berlin, Invited, Spring 2012   
    • ""Melodrama and Brokeback Mountain"", L.A. TImes Book Festival, Talk/Oral Presentation, USC, Los Angeles, L.A. Times Book Fair, Invited, Fall 2011   
    • ""For Love and Money: Bryher's 'Suicidal Generosity' and Modernist Patronage", Modernist Studies Association 12, Roundtable/Panel, Paper, Victoria, BC, MSA, Invited, Fall 2010   
    • "Roundtable on Writing Biography: Queer Modern Lives", Modernist Studies Association 12, Roundtable/Panel, Victoria, BC, MSA, Invited, Fall 2010   
    • ""Modernist Queer Histories"", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Paper, San Francisco, ALA, Invited, Spring 2010   
    • ""New Directions in Modernist Studies"", Modern Language Association, Roundtable/Panel, San Francisco, MSA, Invited, Fall 2008   
    • ""The Archive and Bryher"", Modernist Studies Association 10, Seminar on "Writing Women's Lives", Refereed Nashville, Fall 2008   
    • ""'Let's Be Alone Together': the Erotic Collaborations of Moore, Bryher & H.D."", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed San Francisco, Spring 2008   
    • ""Post-Cinematic? Cinema and the Modern"", Lecture/Seminar, Massey University, New Zealand, Invited, Spring 2008   
    • ""Cinematic Modernism: Borderline"", Talk/Oral Presentation, Toronto, Canada, Garry Leonard, Invited, Fall 2007   
    • ""Lyric & Cinema: Self & Experimental Crossing of Media"", Associated Writers Program, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed New York, Invited, Fall 2007   
    • ""Modernism & The Melancholy of Money"", International Association of University Professors, Talk/Oral Presentation, Lund, Sweden, Marianne Thormalen, Invited, Fall 2007   
    • ""In and Out of the Archive: Bryher & Illegitimacy"", Modernist Studies Association 8, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Tulsa, OK, Fall 2006   
    • ""Cinematic Modernism"", Invited Talk, Talk/Oral Presentation, Lund, Sweden, Invited, Spring 2006   
    • ""Cinematic Modernism"", Invited Talk, Talk/Oral Presentation, Linkoping Universitet, Sweden, Invited, Spring 2006   
    • ""Bryher’s Close-Up: from Visual Erotics to the Politics of Film" ", Modernist Studies Association , Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Chicago, Fall 2005   
    • ""On Borderline": Screening and Talk", Invited Talk, Talk/Oral Presentation, San Francisco, California, Small Traffic Press, College of the Arts, Invited, Spring 2005   
    • ""Whither Sexuality and Gender?"", Pacific Association of Modern Languages, Talk/Oral Presentation, Pepperdine University, Steven G. Axelrod, Invited, Spring 2005   
    • "On "Cinematic Modernism"", Talk/Oral Presentation, USC, LIterary, Visual & Material Culture Program, USC, Invited, Spring 2005   
    • "Seminar on "Modernism and Film"", Modernist Studies Association , Seminar Leader, Refereed Vancouver, CANADA, Fall 2004   
    • ""The Double Life of Modernism: Race and Popular Culture in T.S. Eliot and D.W. Griffith" ", Modernist Studies Association , Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Birmingham, UK, Fall 2003   
    • " "Making it Now: Visualizing Experience in Modernism, Cinema and Modernity"", Modernist Studies Association , Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Madison, Wisconsin, Fall 2002   
    • "Feminist Roundtable", Modernist Studies Association , Roundtable/Panel, Univesity of WIsconsin, Madison, Susan Stanford Friedman, Invited, Fall 2002   
    • ""The Cosmopolitan Lyric" ", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Long Beach, California, Spring 2002   
    • ""The Surrealist Elizabeth Bishop and Max Ernst" ", Modernist Studies Association , Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Houston, Fall 2001   
    • ""Blue Sky Laws and Poetic Indemnities: Wallace Stevens and James Merrill" ", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Long Beach, California, Spring 2001   
    • ""William Carlos Williams and Surrealist Film" ", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Cambridge, MA, Spring 2001   
    • ""The Cinematic Bodies of Stein, Man Ray and Chaplin" ", Modernist Studies Association , Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Fall 2000   
    • ""H.D.’s Cinematic Modernism," ", Talk/Oral Presentation, Center for Feminist Research Lunch, Hilary Schor, Invited, Spring 2000   
    • ""H.D’s Borderline: The Avant-Garde Femme Fatale," ", Talk/Oral Presentation, University of California, Riverside, Steven Axelrod, Invited, Spring 2000   
    • ""German Expressionist Film, H.D. and Borderline" ", Modernist Studies Association 1, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Pennsylvania State College, Fall 1999   
    • ""Tradition and the Female Talent: H.D. and Stein" ", Talk/Oral Presentation, Pomona College, Cristanne Miller, Chair, Invited, Fall 1999   
    • ""Alchemies of Synthesis," Barnard College, April 1999", Women Poets: Language Meets Lyric Poetry: Innovation in Contemporary American Poetry, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Barnard College, New York, Columbia University, Spring 1999   
    • ""Moore's Animal Documentaries"", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed San Diego, Fall 1998   
    • ""No Sooner Sped Than Din": James Merrill's Temporal Poetics", American Literature Association Symposium, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico, Fall 1998   
    • ""Stevens, Bishop & Ashbery: A question of surrealist influence"", American Literature Association, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed San Diego, Spring 1996   
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    • ""'The Life They Cannot Have': Dolls in Barnes' Nightwood"", Toys and Literature, Talk/Oral Presentation, Refereed Cal State Dominguez Hills, Fall 1993   
    • ""'She Speaks Through Stone Lips': Willa Cather's Historical Nature"", Willa Cather Symposium, 4th Annual, Roundtable/Panel, Refereed Santa Fe, New Mexico, Spring 1990   

    Other Presentations
    • "Poetry Reading", Invited Reading of Poems, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, Spring 2011   
    • "Robert Duncan's "The H.D. Book"", Book Launch Reading at MLA Department of English Party with UC Press, UC Press/USC, Los Angeles Public Library, Spring 2011   
    • ""Writing from the Unconscious"", Poetry Workshop, Ruskin Art Club, Los Angeles, Fall 2009   
    • "Poetry Reading", Reading from New Poems, PHARMAKA, Downtown, Los Angeles, Fall 2009   
    • "from Descartes' Nightmare", Invited Reading & Workshop, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Spring 2009   
    • "from Descartes' Nightmare & Lecture on Modernist Cinema: Borderline to Hitchcock", Reading, Workshop & Lecture, St. Olafs College, Minnesota, Spring 2009   
    • "from Descartes' Nightmare", Reading & Signing, Associated Writers' Program, Chicago, Fall 2008   
    • "from New Poems", Reading, Ide Room, PhD in Creative Writing and Literature Program , USC, Fall 2008   
    • "from Descartes' Night", Reading & Workshop, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Spring 2008   
    • "from Descartes' Nightmare", Los Angeles Times Book Fair, UCLA, Spring 2008   
    • "from Descartes' Nightmare", Launch Reading with Michelle Latiolais, Doheny Library, Feuchtwanger Rare Book Room, Spring 2008   
    • " from New Poems", Reading, West Hollywood Annual Book Fair, West Hollywood Library Park, Fall 2007   
    • ""Oh Say Can you See The Wind from the East: Gertrude Stein and a Feminsit Is"", "Feminaissance: Talks and Performances", Cal Arts/Moma, Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles, Spring 2007   
    • "Reading from New Poems", Reading , Creative Writing Department at Redlands College, Redlands, California, Spring 2007   
    • "Reading from New Poems", Reading , Poets & Writers, Downtown Los Angeles, Spring 2007   
    • "On Elizabeth Bishop", Lecture, Ruskin Literary Art Club, Los Angeles, Spring 2005   
    • "Reading from Swirl", Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, UCLA, Spring 2005   
    • "Swirl", Reading from Swirl, Ruskin Literary Art Club, Los Angeles, CA, Spring 2005   
    • ""Bryher's Visa for Avalon & Marianne Moore"", Reading and talk , Rosenbach Library Museum, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania , Fall 2004   
    • ""Swirl," Reading and Signing", Poetry reading and signing, West Hollywood Book Fair, Los Angeles, CA, Fall 2004   
    • ""VIsa for Avalon"", Reading, Sponsored by Paris Press, Dutton's Bookstore, Beverly Hills, Fall 2004   
    • "Reading from Swirl", Reading from Swirl, Skylight Bookstore, Silverlake, Los Angeles, Spring 2004   
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    • "Reading from Swirl", Reading from Swirl, Open House Reading Series, Brighton, UK, Fall 2003   


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    Multimedia Scholarship and Creative Works

    • Poetry Volume, I edited and submitted Descartes' Nightmare, a book of poems, which was awarded the Agha Shahid Ali first prze in 2007, to be published Spring 2008. It explores the legacy of Descartes to the present, for instance linking the philosopher's own post-war trauma with the present conflict in Iraq., 2007-2008   
    • Poetry Volume, Swirl is my first book of poems, and using experimental forms, explores female identity and ontological inquiry, drawing upon personal and cultural elements to create edgy, visual even hallucinatory, emotional landscapes, 2003-2004   
    • Fund-Raising and Organizing a Multi-Media Conferen, I worked on organizing, fund-raising, inviting plenary speakers, vetting panels, creating an interdisciplinary roundtable, for the international Modernist Studies Association, affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. My labor took up about 40% of my time for over a year. The conference had 650 atttendees; I raised over 20,000 in funds., 2006-2007   
    • Reading Series, In my capacity as CW Director of PhD I have expanded our reading series, bringing diverse writers: Stephen Yenser, Harryette Mullen, Hank Lazar, Rae Armantrout, Mary Jo Bang, Caroline Bergvall, and others., 09/01/2006-05/30/2009  
    • Swedish Memoir, I continue to work on a memoir/critical monograph begun during my Fulbright in Sweden. It meditates upon my family's history and the culture of living in a small town during World War II. My mother, who immigrated to Hollywood on the Drottingham in 1940 with her Jewish husband, received numerous letters from my grandmother, a Falun journalist., 01/01/2006-  
    • Panel Review and Selection Committee, I participated in the planning and screening for the UCLA Center for the Study of Women, Thinking Gender., Spring 2007   
    • Poetry Volume, I have completed (and am revising) another collection of poems, tentatively titled FATES, to refer to a number of voices, some from myth, some from the cemetary, and some responding to war and new technologies. The book is currently in circulation., Fall 2008   
    • Biography Project (ongoing), This is the first full-length biography of Bryher (born Annie Winnifred Ellerman, 1893-1984, illegitimate daughter of a shipping magnate). She used her wealth to become an ambassador for experimental writing, to fund psychoanalysis and cinema enterprises, to support bookstores and pensioners, and to help over 105 Jews flee from Nazi Germany., 06/01/2006-  
    • Workshop, Intensive Workshop on Poetry Writing focused on dreams and the unconscious, all-day at the Ruskin Art Club, Los Angeles., 01/09/2010  
    • Long Essay, I am exploring the mystery genre, particularly what I call the "Stieg Larsson Effect"--to explore what makes his novels such a posthumous phenomenon., Spring 2011   

    New Courses Developed

    • "The School of Dreams" Intermediate Poetry Workshop, English/Creative Writing, This class prods students to examine the "raw," the "unfinished," the fragmented versus the perfected revised poem. I have students keep a vigilant writing notebook which along with selected readings are the source of their poems in process, which heavily focus upon liminal and dream states., Spring 2012   
    • English 620: Three Modernists: Poetry, Plays and Cinema, English, This course uniquely examines how drama and cinema helped shape modernist poetics of Stein, Eliot and Beckett., Spring 2011   
    • MDA599: Surrealism and its Legacy in World Literature, Film and Visual Culture, Multidisciplinary Programs with LVMC, I collaborated with Julian Gutierrez-Albilla in Spanish to create this new graduate course, with multiple genres--poems, essays, plays, manifestoes, and films., Spring 2011   
    • Graduate Poetry Workshop: Writing the Series, English, The class explored how students could construct a sequence of poems, following through on motifs, images, themes through various revisions, meditation and exercises., Fall 2010   
    • Introduction to Poetry, English/Creative Writing, I successfully added a new course to the curriculum, a gateway lecture course 299, designed to teach a survey of poetry from "Shakespeare to Hip-Hop," and to prepare majors for the Creative Writing track. I have been able to mentor and train Creative Writing PhD students as TAs, who have been lacking in such opportunities., 2008-2009   
    • "Introduction to Poetry: From Shakespeare to Hip-Hop", English, This large lecture class coordinates analytic and creative assignments in poetry; develops the aural history of poetry; explores intertextuality, pairing poems from across the centuries. The course is a unique mixture of traditional and inventive forms., Fall 2008   

    Honors and Awards

    • Fellow (or Equivalent) of National Society in Discipline, American Academy in Berlin, Fall 2011   
    • Mellon Award for Graduate Mentoring, 2009-2010   
    • Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities & Social Sciences, 2008-2009   
    • Agha Shahid Ali Award, First Prize for Poetry Book, Fall 2007   
    • Fulbright Award, Research/Lecturer at Lund University, Sweden, Spring 2006   
    • Yale University Beinecke Library Fellowship, 2005  
    • Center for Feminist Research Travel Grant, Spring 2004   
    • USC Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund Award, Fall 2000   
    • Outstanding Mentor Award for Gradute Students, Arizona State University, 1998-1999   

    Service to the University

    Administrative Appointments
    • Director of the PhD in Creative Writing & Literature Program. Duties include monitoring the entire program, conducting meetings, recruitment, selection, advisement, attending annual Associated Writers Program conference and Chairs' meeting, budget management, planning events and reading series., 08/31/2006-08/31/2009  

    • Member, Gender Steering Committee, 08/30/2010-  
    • Member, I am serving on the Non-Tenure Track Review Committee for the Dean's office., 05/15/2010-  
    • Member, Steering Committee of Graduate Certificate in Literary, Visual, Material Culture, 2007-. (Invited Rubén Gallo, Princeton University, for Talk on Freud and Mexico, November 5, 2008).I continue to serve on this important committee., 08/31/2007-  
    • Member, I served on the Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowship committee, reading and ranking over 165 applications from diverse departments., Spring 2011   
    • Co-Chair, I am a member of the newly revived Committee on Development and Implementation of University Policies; we meet on a monthly basis., 05/01/2010-05/15/2011  
    • Member, I am an elected member of Faculty Council, attend monthly meetings as well as the Faculty Senate meetings., 09/01/2007-05/14/2010  
    • Member, Gender Studies Core Faculty, 08/2004-08/2007  

    Service to the Profession

    Administrative Appointments
    • Modern Language Association Executive Committee, Poetry Division, 09/01/2009-01/04/2013  
    • Active past-president to MSA, who is required to train or assist the president and to sit in on board meetings., 2007-2008   
    • President of internatinal and interdisciplinary national association, Modernist Studies Association, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, 2006-2007   

    • Member, Modern Language Association Executive Committee (Poetry Division), 08/2008-08/2013  

    Conferences Organized
    • Organizer, Modernist Studies Association 9, Long Beach, California, As chief organizer, I was responsible for program planning, budget and fund-raising (about 20K), plenary talks, panel selection, receptions, including one on the "modernist"' ship, The Queen Mary. There were over 600 registrants. I worked at least twenty hours a week for about 6 months., 2007-2008   

    Editorships and Editorial Boards
    • Editorial Board, PAMLA, 2006-2007   

    Professional Offices
    • Executive Committee Poetry Division & Delegate, MLA, 09/01/2008-05/30/2014  
    • President, Modernist Studies Association, 08/15/2006-05/15/2008  

    Professional Memberships
    • Associated Writers Program, 09/01/2006-  
    • American Literature Association, 09/01/1998-  
    • Modernist Studies Association, 09/01/1998-  
    • Modern Language Association, 09/01/1994-  
    • Pen West Literary Society, 2005  

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