We are excited to announce “Abroad” the First Photography Contest organized by The Center for Languages and Cultures and the Office of Overseas Studies. This contest is an excellent opportunity to showcase student’s unique experiences and cultural immersion while studying abroad.

Who can participate? 

Any student who has been in one of the following  2022- 2023 Programs:

Israel- Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Jordan – Amman with AMIDEAST and CIEE

Morocco- AMIDEAST Rabat

China- CIEE Beijing

China- CIEE Shanghai

Japan- Nanzan University

Japan- Sophia University

Japan- Tokyo International University

Japan- Waseda University

Kazakhstan- American Councils Russian Language and Area Studies

ITAL150 -Italy

ITAL220 – Italy

ITAL224 – Italy

South Korea- Yonsei University

Taiwan- CET Taipei

France- Sciences Po

France- USC Paris

FREN307g Paris, France

FREN220 La Martinique, Caribbean

FREN-Summer umbrella program in Dijon

Germany- IES Berlin

Italy- IES Milan

Italy- Syracuse University in Florence

Italy- Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies


SPAN499- Buenos Aires, Argentina

SPAN397-Cusco, Perú

SPAN396-Oaxaca, México

SPAN220-Santander, Spain

SPAN 499-Costa Rica

Spain- Universidad de Deusto Bilbao

Spain- Boston University Madrid

Spain- USC Madrid

Argentina- Universidad de San Andrés

Brazil- CET in Sao Paulo

Chile- CET Santiago

Ecuador- IES Galapagos Islands

Ecuador- IES Quito

México- Universidad Iberoamericana

Mexico- SIT Mexico

Here are some key details about the contest:

We believe that students’ diverse perspectives and experiences can make this contest truly special. I would like to encourage all students to participate and capture the moments that have made their language abroad journey unforgettable.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at fagesagu@usc.edu

We look forward to seeing the incredible photos that students will contribute to this contest.

Best regards,

CLC Outreach Committee

  1. Fages Agudo, Jamie Fudacz, Jennifer Misran and Steven Gonzalez

Submit your Photo

What to do?

1. Go to the following link and complete the form.

2. Attach a photograph from your trip in JPG format, no larger than 5MB.

(when you submit your pictures select share with everyone who has the link)

3. You can submit entries in different categories, but only one photo per category. Fill out a separate form for each submission.

4. Sign the Photo release (pictures will be used only by CLC or other organizations related to USC).

What are the different photo categories?

  • Landscapes
  • Cityscapes, buildings, art, nature, animals
  • People
  • Friends, families, children, creative selfies
  • Everyday scenes
  • Food and drinks, feasts and festivities, music, politics, sports

When should I send my photos?

Submit photos by Friday, September 29th


The winners will be announced on Friday, October 25th

The CLC will award the winners with a $50 Amazon gift card and a certificate.

Certificates and a token of appreciation will also be given to the second and third place awardees.