Career Development


A Dornsife education is both foundational and instrumental.  It provides a lens for the student to look inward so they may look outward at the world as complete an individual as possible and pursue what is meaningful.  It empowers students to take control of their own lives so they may engage with the world, pursue careers, and lead productive lives beyond college.  It equips students with the knowledge, experience, and skills to thrive.  Students should consider career preparation as part of their Dornsife educational experience.  Academic and career preparation are both part of a student’s  Dornsife education.  Career preparation is equally important as academic preparation because upon graduation, roughly 60% of USC Dornsife undergraduate students pursue employment upon graduation, 30% pursue Graduate education, and 10% pursue other endeavors.  Consider your post USC Dornsife career goals early and often to acquire the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to develop career-readiness.  Career readiness is means having the ability to attain and demonstrate core competencies, experiences and knowledge sought by employers, organizations, and graduate schools alike.  Moreover, career readiness means being able to manage and advocate for your own career.

Students should routinely ask themselves, ‘What is the purpose of my education?”  “What do I want to do upon graduation from USC?”  Students should ask and address these questions with themselves, faculty, academic and career advisors, and others so they may identify the means to engage in the pursuit of knowledge, experiences, and skill-development inside, outside, and beyond the classroom.  In the process, students are able to identify a system of practices, services, and resources, like Career Pathways, to support goal-achievement and the ability to manage their own career.

The following pages will help guide you from major to career.