After Hours

Staying on top of the latest career tips and resources is more important than ever before as our office continues to operate remotely and the job, internship, and economic landscape continues to unfold.  But you can stay connected and on top of your career plans any day, any time, and anywhere you find yourself. 

Introducing After Hours

After Hours is our webpage dedicated to digital content showcasing the latest career tips and resources provided by career and industry professionals, alumni, and students.

You can view, listen to, print, or download content from any computer or mobile device.  

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Tip of the Week

Career Pathways' staff compile weekly static and dynamic posts to offer career tips on various topics. A new "Tip of the Week" is posted every Monday!

Resource of the Week

Career Pathways' staff discuss career resources, services, software, and databases offered to USC students! These weekly static or dynamic posts highlight and offer information on how to navigate each resource. A new "Resource of the Week" is posted every Thursday!

PASI Spotlight

The PASI Spotlight, an acronym for Partners, Alumni, Students, Industries, aims to highlight the limitless scope of Career Pathways' reach every Friday.

Posts are geared towards publicizing Industries and Partner companies within the Career Pathways network and emphasizing the success of Career Pathways' Students and Alumni.

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  Dornsife Alumni Voices 

Video series highlighting Dornsife Alumni