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Free Zoom Series
Teacher How-To Workshops

for teachers of
History-Social Sciences &
English Language Arts

Hundreds of database materials are all yours!
This series will showcase analytical tools
with adaptations for distance learning.

Session 1

Steelmanning: The Ethics of Argument
civil discourse in a democracy

▪ deliberation skills for a steelman debate
▪ analytical tools for multiple perspectives
▪ case teaching options to get started
▪ adapting the lesson to distance learning

 July 28, 2020
10:00 am - 11:00 am PST

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This How-To Workshop is Presented by

USC CALIS Partner Teachers

Christina Goodman
History-Social Science Teacher
Northridge Academy High School │ Los Angeles USD
(featured in a 3-min video: The Equality Continuum)

Olivia Naturman
History-Social Science Teacher
Arts, Theatre, Entertainment School │ Los Angeles USD
(state test scores featured in a 5-min video: Four Worlds -4W)

As free follow-up, USC CALIS offers to collaborate with workshop attendees whose department would like a zoom meeting to get started with analytical tools.

This free zoom workshop series supports teacher collaboration
to meet current challenges of virtual instruction
while expanding use of analytical tools and case teaching.

For each workshop:

a) In advance, participants review the focus lesson and answer 4 questions on the registration form.
b) Meet teachers who use USC CALIS analytical tools and case teaching, and can speak to their effectiveness to engage students in critical thinking.
c) Share tips, questions, and ideas for what comes next.

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Steelmanning: The Ethics of Argument

USC CALIS Activities Database
a free database of teaching resources
your digital file cabinet
open access │ no login


Common Core advocates:

Teach Argument,
Not Persuasion


Arguing is the olympics of talking.

Stewart Stafford


A mature society understands that at the heart of democracy is argument.

Salman Rushdie






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