Teaching Ethics Program

TEP outreach operated in full swing from 2010 to 2015. 
USC students continue to use ethics materials as part of TIRP. 
Ethics remains integral to CALIS curriculum and professional development.

Local Classroom Outreach

The Teaching Ethics Program (TEP) is an outreach program based on the nationally recognized USC Dornsife service-learning model developed by CALIS.

  • TEP is a USC outreach project that is free to local high schools within a 15-mile radius of campus.
  • USC students visit schools to team-teach a series of four class sessions over four weeks.
  • Through TEP, USC students have an innovative opportunity to respond to the USC Levan Institute challenge to engage with, understand, and internalize the timeless values at the core of our humanity.

CALIS trains undergraduate volunteers each year to introduce competing ethical perspectives and lead ethics case study discussions in neighborhood high schools.

TEP teams are primarily recruited from philosophy classes and supported by USC professors offering credit options as part of their courses.  

To participate, USC undergraduates must participate in a 2-hr training session.  The "TEP core" provides the basic frame and tools applied to ethical dilemmas:

  • Main Approaches to Ethics (consequences/rules/character): Trolley cases, transplant surgeon case, United States v. Holmes  
  • Moral Awareness (ethical paradigms): Applying different ethical paradigms to the dilemmas of a one-child policy and role of government  

Please contact CALIS if you are...
... a student interested in volunteering with TEP
... a professor interested in supporting TEP by offering a credit option in your course
... a high school teacher interested in inviting a TEP team to your classroom

TEP is sponsored by the USC Levan Institute for Humanities and Ethics

Calling All Trojans!

All undergrads welcome!


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TEP in the News

Teachable Moments

In USC College's new Teaching Ethics Program, undergraduates instruct high school students, using controversial case studies as discussion points.

College News—December 13, 2010