School Partnerships

Teachers who attend local seminars or workshops, and those we meet at conferences around the country, can elect to work with CALIS to implement analytical tools, case teaching, or new approaches to the full range of topics and courses.

The Four Worlds of History (4WH) is an exciting project for both middle and high school!

Mulholland was the lead partner school
in developing the 4WH model and piloting materials.

Karen West's class at Mulholland Middle School

Karen West's 6th grade students at Mulholland Middle School in LAUSD
trace the impact of technology that created a turning point in human history:
How were the first small villages able to transition to large settlements
and develop into urban centers?

Students' Thoughts About 4WH

After a year of Ancient Civilizations where each society was studied using a focus question and a 4WH exercise, 6th grade students in the Karen's DRW/ESL* class offered these evaluations:

  • I like the idea of making the 4 world chart because I knew how to put the worlds in the different places. It helped me to understand the society better. We learned better from this program. Andrew

  • Maybe next year we can create our own civilization because we understand what belongs in a civilization. I think the focus questions helped me a lot because when we had to write about the questions I understood it better. It kinda helped me when I took the Mock CST because I remembered more. Paul

  • Because of this I think we are ready for 7th grade history. The portfolio will help us to remember all that we did. Gabriel

  • The four worlds charts helped us to write the focus question and helped us to be prepared for the tests. I would recommend this program to other teachers because it helps to get ready for the next year. Jessy

*Developing Readers & Writers (DRW); English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Mock CST

Mulholland Assistant Principal Jackie Purdy served as 4WH administrative leader.  She coordinated a Mock CST for 6th grade school-wide, a total of 538 students in 17 classes.  The Mock CST was designed by the 4WH development team with 40 questions aligned to standards for Ancient Civilizations.  This was a first for 6th grade. In California, 6th graders do not take a CST for history.  Not until the last month of 8th grade do students take a history CST that covers world history from 6th and 7th along with 8th grade U.S. History.

Karen West's students in 4WH pilot classes, one General Ed and one DRW, did as well or better than students in other classes for General Ed, Honors, and Gifted.

For more on student achievement

a 7-minute overview

Karen West, a 6th grade teacher, narrates a powerpoint to explain the 4WH model and how she first used it with her students:

4WH Narrated PowerPoint

transcript with CST epilogue


A Shared Vision,
A Bold Claim

4WH helps students achieve high-level literacy through rigorous critical thinking... which address college readiness and the achievement gap.

The 4WH project promotes curriculum reform and supports teacher effectiveness as the most effective ways to achieve widespread school improvement.


Here comes Common Core...
We are ready!  Bring it on!

4WH and Common Core

Teachers Needed

CALIS is seeking collaboration with department teams who will help assess the impact of a fully articulated 4WH model across grades 6-12.

If you or your dept are interested in being part of this transformation effort, please contact CALIS.