Teacher Leadership

Partner teachers present the latest materials and strategies in our work to develop the case teaching method at the high school level and the Four Worlds of History for middle school.

Teacher Leaders are the essential ingredient

Instruction based on student-driven analysis is dependent on teacher initiative.

With the Four Worlds of History (4WH), partner teachers witnessed immediate positive impact on student performance-- for all students.

While students gain quickly, such success did not come overnight. This USC outreach project started in 1981 when Professor Steven Lamy came to the USC School of International Relations.  After 30 years, our materials and strategies have come together as a new approach to teaching social science.  
Together with teacher-leaders, CALIS has developed the use of "analytical tools & case teaching" to a point that is creating a paradigm shift in methodology and expectations.

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."

Mark Van Doren


Our deepest thanks to our teacher-leaders.


National Council for the Social Studies

NCSS 2008 conference in Houston, Texas
NCSS 2008 in Houston
Christina Green, Jennifer Osorio, Teresa Hudock, Damian Goodman
from Banning High, LAUSD ~ USC ~ Cleveland High, LAUSD

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