Involve Your Students!

High school teachers in the Los Angeles area can involve the whole class!

Invite USC to your high school
through the...

Teaching International Relations Program - TIRP

***  a free program  ***

  • Every semester, USC students in the School of International Relations explore challenging global issues with high school classes.
    As teams of three, over 100 undergrads are matched with partner teachers who select a topic for the team. 
    Teams use the CALIS Activities Database to prepare a series of 4 class sessions, taught once a week over 4 weeks.

  • TIRP outreach is a university-teacher collaboration that is free of charge, but limited to a 15-mile radius of the USC campus

  • Teacher sign-ups for Spring 2016 are due by January 20
    For more information and a sign-up form, contact CALIS


The annual High School Leadership Conference ran from 2001 to 2013.
At HSLC 2011, the program ended with a slideshow of everyone involved.

FAILED STATES: How will the fate of the bottom billion ever change?


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CALIS: High School Leadership Conference