The safety of visitors, study participants, researchers and staff of the Center is of paramount importance and takes precedence over any research considerations and over the convenience of any investigator. For this reason, the Center has prepared a manual of safety procedures (see following entries), which is strictly adhered to at all times. The Technical Committee ensures compliance with these procedures, reviews the current practices, and updates the manual as needed.

All personnel working at the Center must participate, once a year, in a safety training meeting and be familiar with the contents of the Safety Manual (see below).

The Center is prepared to study, as part of a research protocol, normal adults, elderly subjects, adolescents, children, and patients with stable conditions compatible with MR imaging. At the moment, there is no provision for the use of contrast materials or medications for sedation.

None of the studies to be conducted at the Center have a primarily clinical purpose. No diagnostic studies will be performed. There is no medical or radiological staff on the premises, therefore, no clinical interpretation of scans is ever provided to the participants. 

MRI Policies:

EEG Policies:

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