Progressive Masters in Marine and Environmental Biology

Study at Wrigley and earn a Master of Science alongside your Bachelors…

The Department of Biological Sciences at USC has now added an M.S. degree in Marine and Environmental Biology to its list of program offerings*.  What’s most exciting is undergraduate students who exercise the option of attending the USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island can apply to this new M.S. program and, if accepted, complete some if not all of their graduate course work while also completing their undergraduate degree. 

The “Progressive Master’s” option, as it is called, allows one to apply a certain number of courses toward both the upper-division elective as an undergraduate, while using these same courses as graduate electives.  Additionally, it allows one the option of completing graduate core courses in what would normally be considered the junior or senior year.

Wrigley tuition is no different from tuition on the main campus, housing is often less expensive, and while on the island one can secure both basic and research diver certification.  This last spring we had 16 students on the island, and among these were a few pre-medical students.

Students interested in pursuing either Wrigley or graduate admission should meet with Adolfo dela Rosa, BISC graduate student advisor, as early as possible.  Typically, students will be required to have two years of bio and chem complete before applying, and should apply between 64 (sophomore) and 96 (senior) units completed.  The progressive master’s application can be found at degrees_awarded_05.html.


*This applies to current USC students only

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