MCB Research

The USC Molecular and Computational Biology faculty include scientists well known for their work in genomics, DNA replication and repair, biochemistry, structural biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, molecular evolution, the cell cycle and many aspects of genetics.

Molecular biologists bring laboratory-based approaches to their fundamental studies of the workings of genes, proteins, chromosomes, and cells. They work with bacteria, yeast, fruit flies, plants and other model organisms in efforts to understand the biological underpinnings of growth, development, aging, evolution and disease.

Computational biologists focus on the design and development of algorithms that analyze DNA, protein sequences and other biological data. They also develop software for the application of these algorithms to a spectrum of issues in biology and biomedicine.

Both groups regularly engage in collaborative studies that integrate experimental biology with computer science and statistics.

“To make sense of all of the genomic and biological data out there,” notes one faculty member, “you have to use a different set of tools. You have to know how to pipette in the lab, as well as write computer programs to analyze the biological data you gather."

Faculty, staff and students in the Molecular and Computational Biology section are housed in the four-story, 118,000-square-foot Ray R. Irani Hall, a state-of-the-art research and training facility opened in 2005.

    • Biochemistry
    • Molecular Biology
    • Cancer Biology
    • Computational Biology
    • Cell and Developmental Biology
    • Ecology, Behavior and Evolution
    • Genetics
    • Neurobiology and Computational Neurobiology
    • Biological Education
    • Structural Biology
  • Department of Biological Sciences
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