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Become an SI Leader!

Job Description, Qualifications & Application


SI Leaders

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders who facilitate the SI Sessions are critical to the effectiveness of the program.  SI Leaders are undergraduate students who have previously excelled in the targeted course. The leaders attend a mandatory training workshop at the beginning of each semester. Training includes topics such as how learning occurs as well as instructional strategies aimed at strengthening the student's overall academic performance. Leaders are trained to serve as group facilitators thus preparing students to become independent learners.


Chief Responsibilities

The SI Leader facilitates 4 to 5 fifty minute study sessions of the target course per week throughout the semester, using strategies learned through the SI Leader training and staff meetings. The SI Leader must attend all class meetings, take notes, do the homework, communicate with the faculty weekly, and read all the assigned material.


Other Responsibilities

  1. The SI Leader regularly meets with the SI supervisor to discuss session strategies, debrief observations of SI sessions, and develop intervention strategies designed to encourage positive group interaction.
  2. The SI Leader plans review sessions of 2 hours minimum before exams and the final.
  3. The SI Leader assists with data collection to compare performance results of SI students with non-SI participants. This will include coordination with departmental staff, the SI supervisor and other staff.
  4. The SI Leader facilitates ongoing evaluations of SI sessions through the use of evaluation forms distributed to SI students in sessions. The leader will use these for self-evaluation.
  5. New leaders must attend a mandatory full day training session the week before classes begin.
  6. Returning leaders must attend a half-day training session the week before classes begin.
  7. Coordinate effective recruitment / marketing strategies with the SI program staff, departmental staff and faculty to encourage participation in the program.
  8. Assist in the hiring process by participating in interviews.


Minimum Qualifications

To be considered for SI leader position you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater.
  2. Complete target course at USC with B+ or better.
  3. Complete application form.
  4. Previous tutoring experience preferred but not required.
  5. Must maintain 6 units of registered USC course work.
  6. Jr or Sr status preferred - though not required.


Calendar for Hiring New Leaders to Start in the Fall of 2016

Friday, March 11.................................Fall commitments due from current leaders

Friday, March 25 ................................Applications from porspective new leaders due by 11 AM.

Monday, March 28 - Thursday, April 7................Interviews

Tuesday, April 12.................................New leaders announced 

Open Positions for Fall 2016

The following are the anticipated open positions that we will be hiring for.  Preference is given to students who can continue in the position in the spring (unless otherwise noted).  Postions are listed as fall and spring.  For example:  CHEM 102/105a is for a student to do SI for CHEM 102 in the fall and CHEM 105a in the spring.  

BISC 120/220 - 2 positions

BISC 320/330 - 2 positions

CHEM 102/105a - 1 position (Requires applicant have taken at least CHEM 105a)

CHEM 105a/105b - 2 positions

CHEM 115a/CHEM 115b - 1 position

CHEM 322b/CHEM 322a - 2 positions

ECON 317/ECON 317 - 2 positions (new course!)

MATH 126/MATH 126 - 1 to 2 positions

MATH 226/MATH 226 -  2 to 3 positions

PHYS 135a/PHYS 135a - 1 position

PHYS 135b /PHYS 135b- 1 position

PHYS 151/PHYS 151 - 1-2 positions

PHYS 152/PHYS 152 - 1-2 positions


Application Form

If you are interested in becoming an SI Leader, click here for an application.