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Archaeology Program - Major

Archaeology Program - Minor

Highlighted Classes

REL 303 Exploring Ancient Ways of Living (4 units, GE C) on the USC campus
Check out the USC News story on the class or watch the video.

How did humans survive before electricity and without oil? Explore pre-modern life with hands-on experience in making fire & medicines, crafting ceramics, dyeing, cooking and cheese-making, brewing beverages, smelting metals to make knives and more. Create your own archaeology experiment to evaluate traditional technologies and ancient innovation. You will better understand resource use and the global systems that support us today.


CORE 103 The Process of Change Over Time - Trojan Archaeology

This course is an introduction to archaeological practice and process based right here on campus at the University of Southern California. Students will learn the foundational methods of archaeological research design and fieldwork, including techniques of survey, mapping, documentation, excavation, and artifact identification and analysis. The remit of the course also extends beyond survey tracts and excavation trenches. Students will engage with issues of visual presentation and representation, interact with professional and non-professional audiences, become familiar with political and ethical challenges, and integrate data from other sources into their research (e.g., documents, oral histories, museum collections).