Archaeology Minor Information

The Minor in Archaeology is offered to students in all schools and departments. Students from a wide range of disciplines will gain perspective on their own intellectual and professional interests through the study of the past.

The Archaeology Minor has been revised.

Revised Archaeology Minor is effective Fall, 2017 onward: total 5 courses (20 units) 

Lower-division requirements beginning Fall, 2017 -- 4 units (1 course):  

     1 -- ANTH 202g Archaeology: Our Human Past

Upper-division requirements beginning Fall, 2017 -- 16 units (4 courses):

     2 -- Select one course from the Theories and Methods list of the Archaeology Major (4 units).

     3 -- Additionally, select any one upper-division course from those listed under Archaeology Major (4 units)

     4 -- Take Ethics and Heritage course (4 units) from this list of available courses:  REL 304 Ethics and Global Heritage

     5 -- Take Capstone Course (4 units):  CLAS 465 Archaeology and Society  (cross-listed as ANTH 465 or REL 465 or ARCG 465)

Revised Archaeology Minor is effective Fall, 2017 onward

Interested? Contact Lynn Dodd (Director)  or Lisa Perkins (advisor)


Original Archaeology Minor requirement effective through Spring, 2017: total 6 courses (24 units) 

Lower-division requirements through Spring, 2017 -- 8 units (2 courses): 

     1 -- ANTH 202g Archaeology: Our Human Past


     2 -- one course from the list of lower-division electives (all are drawn from the list of courses that may be taken for credit in the Archaeology major

Upper-division requirements through Spring, 2017 -- 16 units (4 courses): 

     3 -- Take one archaeological Theories and Methods upper division course (4 units) from those listed in this category for the Archaeology major

                        and either:

     4, 5, 6 -- one additional upper-division course from the archaeological Theories and Methods list and two upper division courses from those listed in Topical/Thematic and Culture/History – three courses (12 units),


     4, 5, 6 -- one upper-division course from Culture/History and Thematic/Topical and two upper-division courses from the Applied/Analytical lists – three courses (12 units)

Original Archaeology Minor is effective through Spring, 2017.

Interested? Contact Lynn Dodd (Director)  or Lisa Perkins (advisor)

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