Jane Goodall Research Center

The University of Southern California's Research Center was established in 1991 with the appointment of Jane Goodall as Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Occupational Science. Since then, the Jane Goodall Research Center's (JGRC) personnel have been engaged in a variety of activities related to understanding the behavior of great apes and evolutionary approaches to explaining the human condition. The Center consists of two general research areas: archival and field research.

The original core of the Center is a collection of materials from the longitudinal behavioral of wild chimpanzees at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. These include Jane Goodall's long-term written field notes, for a project that now has passed its 45th year, and Christopher Boehm's collection of videotapes from Gombe, which comprise 450 hours of scientifically-collected behavioral records. Many of these applications involve a visual approach to research methodology. There is also a dedicated multimedia computer program that integrates the visual and written chimpanzee data into an interactive database.

Craig Stanford has conducted and directed research on great apes and other primates in tropical Africa since the early 1990's, and is also involved in the study of the behavioral ecology of other Asian and African wildlife. He has conducted long-term field studies of chimpanzee predatory ecology at Gombe National Park, Tanzania, and of chimpanzee and gorilla sympatric ecology in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Two new faculty have recently joined the Center. Nayuta Yamashita is a primate biologist with research specialty in the behavioral ecology and morphology of lemurs in Madagascar. Roberto Delgado is a primatologist with research expertise in the behavior and ecology of orangutans. He carries out field research in Indonesia.

A major feature of the Center is the study and conservation of nonhuman primates, especially the great apes. Faculty have trained international primatology students from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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