The study of Archaeology at USC is an interdisciplinary field and undergraduates have the opportunity to choose an Interdisciplinary Archaeology major that combines courses in Anthropology, Classics, Art History, Linguistics, and Religion. In addition to the field of Anthropology, archaeological surveys and excavations provide critical information to fields as diverse as Classics, Art History, and Biblical Studies. As a scholarly discipline archaeology is more than a way of recovering physical evidence. It is a way of understanding the rich record of past human societies through the study of their material cultures. This exciting major is ideal for the student who has an abiding interest in how the past informs the present and is looking for a broad interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world and its material history.

USC's Archaeology Research Center offers students majoring in Archaeology the opportunity to gain direct experience through participation in fieldwork and research projects. USC faculty help place students in programs here in Los Angeles and in diverse parts of the world.

Courses in New World Archaeology offered by the Department of Anthropology introduce students to the cultures of the ancient and contemporary Maya, as well as the pre-Columbian cultures of the Inca and the Aztecs, while courses in Old World Archaeology describe the rise of agriculture and the early settlement of the Middle East. The B.A. in Archaeology provides both academic breadth and field focus. Archaeology majors will acquire an overview of the history of the discipline, exposure to the various and evolving theoretical perspectives that inform archaeology, and hands-on experience with basic and contemporary field technologies.

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