Undergraduate Studies


Bachelor of Arts in Art History

Art history combines the study of art with the study of culture. The undergraduate major provides general knowledge of the history of art and, through upper-division courses, specialized knowledge in a variety of areas. Majors are exposed to a diversity of theoretical approaches and encouraged to sharpen their critical and conceptual thinking skills. This foundation has enabled many art history graduates to pursue advanced degrees in nationally recognized programs, to enter diverse fields, and to pursue careers in the arts.

Minor in Art History

The art history minor offers a concentrated course of study that includes a variety of objects from different historical periods and cultures in relation to their makers, patrons, viewers and critics. Students in the minor are trained to analyze visual images and information through a process of intensive looking, reading, research and writing.

Minor in Visual Culture

A critical approach to art history is the departure point for the minor in visual culture, which is dedicated to the analysis of the visual arts, broadly defined to include fine art, film and television, photography and video, illustrated books, advertising, architecture, and design. Students in the visual culture minor elect from one of three concentrations: photography, film, and the reproduction of images; popular culture; or gender and sexuality.

Study Abroad

Students that study abroad gain a special perspective on the world beyond their own borders, which will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. Studying abroad for a semester or year is one of the best ways to understand a different culture in a meaningful way. It is an experience that can have a profound impact on a student academically, personally, and professionally. USC College and the Art History Department encourages students to consider including studying abroad in their undergraduate experience. To further explore overseas studies, please visit the following website: http://www.college.usc.edu//overseas-studies/