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Student Comments

about their Teachers in the General Education Program

Dr. Habinek is perhaps the best professor I have had thus far at USC. Even though I had already studied Classical Mythology in high school and was familiar with a number of the myths, Habinek presented the material in a completely new light. He is a wonderful lecturer with a great sense of humor, which both make him a great guy to get to know during his office hours -- he's very accessible. I highly recommend Dr. Habinek.

- Student in CLAS 280g (Category I) with Professor Thomas Habinek

Terry Seip is hands down the best professor I've ever had at USC. He is engaging, understanding, energetic and intelligent. He makes you feel completely comfortable approaching him and genuinely cares about his students. He manages to pack a lot of information into his lectures, but still makes everything easy to understand. I plan to take more of his classes just so that I can have him as a professor again.

- Student in HIST 200gm (Category I) with Professor Terry Seip

I didn't know that religions of Latin America could be interesting until I took this class. Dr. Lint Sagarena is passionate about the topic and his enthusiasm is contagious. The videos he shows in class are very interesting and the class is always over before I even realize it. He's been known to jump on tables, yell out things at inappropriate times, and fumble awkwardly with technical equipment. Though this may sound strange, it all adds to the fun of his class. I highly recommend him.

- Student in REL 133g (Category II) with Professor Roberto Lint Sagarena

Professor Bickers is a really great teacher. He cares about the students and really wants you to learn. He makes things easier to understand with LOTS of demonstrations in class -- lying on a bed of nails, walking on hot coals -- and stays late for review sessions. He offers extra credit which is easy to complete. Basically he wants you to do well as a student and learn the most you can. He's very nice and approachable. Great professor!

- Student in PHYS 100Lg (Category III) with Professor Gene Bickers


One of the best professors! You'll remember his classes with a smile. Take him if you have the chance. His humanity, charisma and extensive knowledge intertwined with his creativity will open the universe inside the classroom. He is approachable, funny and charming. His humility keeps him close to the truth. Best of all, he knows a lot and is never afraid of answering questions while keeping the class entertaining and insightful. He does not make any presumptions and unlike most, he is never afraid of saying 'I don't know'. You'll love his classes!

- Student in ASTR 100Lxg (Category III) with Professor Werner Däppen


Dr. McClure is one of the most amazing professors at USC. He has so much knowledge and experience, it's almost overwhelming. His test questions are challenging, but not hard at all if you've done the reading and paid attention in class. If you really want to gain something from a professor, inside and outside the classroom, take his class.

- Student in BISC 230Lg (Category IV) with Professor William McClure

Professor Stanford is one of the best teachers I have had at USC. I am not an anthropology major and took his GE course, but I found that if you regularly read the materials (especially the AE articles) and copy down the power point slides from lecture you will have what you need to ace the tests. His lectures are fairly interesting, he tells gossip about other famous anthropologists and brings in his own research for examples and usually takes a break in the middle of class.

- Student in ANTH 200Lg (Category IV) with Professor Craig Stanford


I really enjoyed Professor Rosenthal's Arts and Letters course on Renaissance Culture. The material was very interesting and Professor Rosenthal is a very knowledgeable and fair professor. She is always willing to help, encouraging her students to take advantage of her office hours. The workload was substantial but was very effective in stimulating my interest in the subject. Her class was extremely insightful and one of my best learning experiences to date. Professor Rosenthal is great!

- Student in ARLT 100g (Category V) with Professor Margaret Rosenthal

Professor Seifrid was one of the hardest professors I've had at USC, but don't let that deter you from taking this class. There was TONS of reading, LOTS of literary analysis, and RIDICULOUS comprehension was required. I tried my hardest and managed a B-, but I learned sooo much in this class and he really REALLY improved my writing. I see the hard work from this class pay off in my other classes, even in business. He is always approachable, you can email him a million questions and he is always helpful. My grades suffered a little, but I learned a lot; definitely worth it! What a great professor. I wish all the professors had this much enthusiasm about their subject.

- Student in ARLT 100g (Category V) with Professor Thomas Seifrid

Professor Bender is passionate about her topics, yet in a relaxed manner. She is excellent at working with you to accommodate scheduling conflicts with assignments, and is open to feedback from students. The class is fun and definitely gives you an interesting look into the fairy tales you thought you knew. Her paper topics are interesting and often give the students a lot of mobility. The grading is fair, and the lectures are primarily conversational with the class taking a very large role.

- Student in ARLT 100g (Category V) with Professor Aimee Bender

    There's no denying that Ross is a tough professor and demands a lot out of his students. He assigns tons of reading, and the class is not an easy "A." Having said that, HIST 225 was one of the most enlightening classes I've ever taken. Ross's lectures are provoking, the films screened are relevant, and the TA's (I had Yuko Itatsu) are superb. If you are at all interested in film's relationship with history and society, take this class. It won't be easy, but you'll learn a ton.

- Student in HIST 225g (Category VI) with Professor Steven Ross

I absolutely loved Professor Banner's class from the very first day of class. She definitely knows how to captivate an audience and is concerned about not just what you learn but what you walk away from the class with. Her tests are easy if you do the readings and pay attention to what she brings up as important. You have a paper in the class but you have all semester to do it and she as well as the TA's totally help you out. The TA's were great too and knowledgeable about what they taught. The class was enjoyable and definitely got you to think outside the box.

- Student in HIST 245gm (Category VI) with Professor Lois Banner