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FACULTY Megan Luke


"Data Asset Management and Presentation Creation"

Research Assistant who can help set up an image database from 1000s of image files of artworks, embed caption information as metadata, and devise a way to automatically export metadata captions as presenter’s notes when images are used to create Keynote/PowerPoint presentations. Student will compare and research available DAM software for Mac OS X and work with USC’s slide librarian to obtain metadata files (.txt files exported from Filemaker) for import.

Required Skills:

Experience with Aperture and/or Adobe Lightroom; Keynote and PowerPoint Experience with Extensis Portfolio or Adobe Bridge (helpful but not required) Comfortable embedding, importing and exporting metadata with images. A candidate who can write script and create automated workflows in Automator is a plus.


Preferred major: Computer science or Fine Arts (digital photography) majors/minors preferred

If you are interested in contacting Professor Luke, please email her at