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Cinema - Critical Studies

List of recommended overseas programs by subject availability:

Availability of specified field of study does NOT indicate that major/minor credit will be granted. Students must consult with major/minor advisor regarding coursework for major/minor credit.

NOTE: The School of Cinematic Arts has a strict timetable and sequence for taking some on campus courses. This is particularly true for students majoring in Production. Speak to your advisor to determine whether studying abroad will fit into your schedule.

Africa / Middle East:
Cairo, Egypt - American University in Cairo
Cape Town, South Africa - University of Cape Town

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo International University
Tokyo, Japan - Waseda University (year only)
Tokyo, Japan - Sophia University
East Asia – Japan, Korea, Hong Kong
Seoul, South Korea - Yonsei University

Australia / New Zealand:
Brisbane, Australia - University of Queensland
Canberra, Australia - Australian National University
Melbourne, Australia - University of Melbourne
Auckland, New Zealand – University of Auckland
Dunedin, New Zealand - University of Otago

Paris, France - USC Paris (French cinema course only available in fall)
Berlin, Germany
Galway, Ireland - National University of Ireland
Florence, Italy
Milan, Italy
Bilbao, Spain
Brighton, United Kingdom - University of Sussex
London, United Kingdom – Queen Mary

Latin America:
São Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile