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Resisting the Path to Genocides

USC Dornsife 2020 Research Cluster

This interdisciplinary research cluster, established in 2010, ended successfully in 2014. However, its academic program developed over the course of four years constitutes one of the foundations for the new USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research.

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USC Dornsife 2020 Research Cluster

This interdisciplinary research cluster tackles a crucial question for everyone in today’s world: What enables people to oppose or resist racist ideologies, state discrimination practices or the active participation in mass atrocities?

The research cluster approaches the subject in a threefold process, focusing on the levels of: 1. the individual, 2. groups and 3. societies. For all three research sectors, the interdisciplinary team of the cluster, which involves faculty from history, anthropology, political science, languages, psychology etc., will investigate the social and political conditions as well as the human behaviour in the pre-stages, the murder phase and also the aftermath of genocides.

During the first three years of the research cluster, annual international workshops and USC internal seminars will be organized and research on resistance will be funded by travel grants, Ph.D. fellowships and undergraduate student stipends. The establishment of the cluster will help foster the growth of a unique and innovative Holocaust and Genocide program at USC, including the creation of new curricula that will comprise a graduate certificate programs, freshman seminars and an interdisciplinary minor, and as well the creation of a research center.