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USC Internal Research Funding

Five graduate students summer research grants would be provided and the candidates selected by a committee of the research cluster. The decision would be based on his or her excellence as well as interest in the research cluster topic. The summer funding would attract students to do research on the topic related to the cluster theme with the USC resources. The graduate student fellows would be expected to play a role in the cluster activities and must present their findings in one of the interdisciplinary seminars of the cluster of the following year. This would allow for a critical mass for a cohort of interested students and to build an interdisciplinary "community" of scholars working on related issues of the cluster.

The cluster will also provide 3 fellowships for USC faculty per year to facilitate research related to the cluster topic, preferably for research trips abroad.

The inclusion of graduate students in the activities and the research of the proposed cluster with its developing international network would not only prepare them for their future academic life, but would sincerely improve the opportunities for an excellent placement of those students.

2011 Research Funding Awards


2012 Research Funding Awards


2013 Resarch Funding Awards