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Research Team

Team Members

Wolf Gruner, History, Team Leader
Stephen Smith, Religion, Shoah Foundation Institute, Co-Leader

Richard Dekmejian, Political Science
Richard Fliegel, Interdisciplinary Studies
Sharon Gillerman, Judaic Studies
Judith Halberstam, English, American Studies and Ethnicity, and Gender Studies
Ange-Marie Hancock, Political Science
Colin Keaveney, French and Italian
Steve Lamy, International Relations
Nancy Lutkehaus, Anthropology
Beth Meyerowitz, Psychology
Donald Miller, Religion
Kosal Path, International Relations
Margaret Rosenthal, French and Italian
George Sanchez, American Studies and Ethnicity, History
Bruce Zuckerman, Religion, Casden Institute

Hannah Gary, Gould School of Law

Alida Liberman, graduate research assistant, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Philosophy

Robert Adler, Keck School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital
Maria Elena Martinez, History
Leah Hochman, Jewish Studies, Hebrew Union College
Dan Leshem, Shoah Foundation Institute

Team Member Expertise and Activities

Wolf Gruner (History, team leader), has published seven books on different aspects of the Holocaust and conducted research on the Armenian genocide and the discrimination of indigenous people in Latin America. He teaches the Holocaust and comparative genocide. His current research is on individual opposition against anti-Jewish persecution during the Holocaust.

Ange-Marie Hancock
(Political Science) is an expert on intersectionality. She investigates and teaches the intersections of discrimination against racial, ethnic and gender groups in current societies, especially in politics and the public sphere.

Steve Lamy
(International Relations) recently authored a case study on the failed mission of the Dutch in Srebrenica during the massacre and on the G-8 and Human Security Issues. His work as well as his cluster collaboration focuses on the area of global governance.

Nancy Lutkehaus (Anthropology), due to her long-term research in Papua New Guinea, is personally interested in documenting and analyzing the current conditions surrounding the Indonesian government's handling of the violence against the people in Papua.

Beth Meyerowitz (Psychology), a specialist for trauma of cancer patients, is currently – in collaboration with organizations in Rwanda – conducting research about experiences during the genocide and their relation to post-genocide adjustment. She has taught an undergraduate course on post-genocide psychological trauma.

Kosal Path (International Relations) is a survivor of the Cambodian genocide. He worked for Yale University’s Cambodian Genocide Program and teaches a class in the Problems without Passports program that brings USC undergraduates to Cambodia to research on the genocide.

Stephen Smith (Religion, Shoah Institute) is the executive director of the Shoah Foundation institute. He is an expert on Holocaust memory and is currently developing the extension of the archival collection to include the Rwandan and other recent genocides.

Margaret Rosenthal
(Comparative Literature) regularly teaches undergraduate courses on Italy in which she includes an examination of Jewish life and culture. In 2011 she organizes a conference at USC on the topic of Jews in Italy which includes the experience of the Holocaust.

Richard Fliegel (Interdisciplinary Studies) and Elinor Accampo (History) will assist in developing curricula in Holocaust and genocide studies.

Judith Halberstam (English, Gender Studies and American Studies and Ethnicity) works in the areas of popular, visual and queer culture with an emphasis on subcultures. Halberstam currently explores relations between homosexuality and Nazism as well as the persecution of gays and lesbians by the Third Reich. Halberstam will be teaching graduate and undergraduate classes on the Holocaust, visual culture and representation.

Donald Miller (Religion) has published “Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide” in 1993. He is currently involved in several research projects in Rwanda dealing with the experience of survivors of the 1994 genocide.

Richard Dekmejian (Political Science) is a specialist on world terrorism and genocide. He teaches world leadership with a focus on dictators and genocidaires and World Genocides and Global Terrorism.

Hannah Gary (Law) Hannah Garry is director of USC Law's International Human Rights Clinic and specializes in international human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and international refugee law.