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Young Scientist Program Studio Projects

YSP introduced studio projects in 2010. These studios are site-based projects through which the YSP responds directly to the needs of the students and the school community.

YSP develops three-hour studio science project that is presented after school hours. Fourth and fifth grade are presented with YSP science labs in their classrooms during the regular school day. Then students gather after school to receive a university style lecture and participate in range of activities that reinforce the concepts taught in the lecture and to participate in a range of activities that reinforce the concepts taught in the lecture; much like what USC students do in their science classes and labs.

YSP Studio projects also allow opportunities for students to inquire and learn about careers in science as studio projects bring in university professionals from the STEM fields.


May 2011

Sustainability Studio

Flyer (.pdf)


November 2011

Health and Fitness Studio

Flyer (.pdf)


April 2012

Energy & Motion Studio

Flyer (.pdf)


March 2014

Underwater Robot Studio

Flyer (.pdf)


YSP Educational Products

Spring 2012 - YSP Science Game 2

Spring 2011 - YSP Science Game 1

Spring 2011 - YSP Health and Fitness Studio Planters