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Young Scientist Program Impact

The Young Scientist Program provides valuable teaching and mentoring opportunities to undergraduate and graduate science majors. These TAs benefit from the opportunity to teach what they are learning in their current university science classes and science labs to young school children as it requires them to understand the fundamental principles of science in detail and clearly explain them to the elementary school students. TAs  have the opportunity to lay a strong science foundation for these young school children.


“ ..I have definitely seen a big improvement in science scores and better yet student ATTITUDE towards science.  They enjoy the class and look forward to the hands-on projects that we are usually so limited to do on our own as teachers”  5th Grade Teacher.

YSP TAs are vibrant in the classroom. They are conscious of different learning styles and strive to utilize a variety of teaching methods so that students understand and remember the science lessons.

TAs also act as mentors and share with students their professional knowledge and expertise in their science field. TAs take the time to answer questions relevant to science.

“It is a very rewarding and moving experience to contribute to education and see kids learn, I always feel good after I am done teaching.” Amanda Vu
“I love seeing the looks on the kids’ faces when they get the science concept I am trying to teach them. It is so rewarding and exciting for me.” Christine Sur
“It is wonderful to mentor and teach. I really enjoy helping them learn about science.” Alison Thai
"Although I have yet to fully enter the working life I am still able to appreciate the value of having a job that you truly enjoy, and I am so grateful for having been able to live that way this year loving every time I got to teach the students. I enjoyed getting to know all of my students and watching them learn and grow so much that it was something that I will never forget. Being able to apply the scientific knowledge I have gained in school in order to teach others was an experience that meant more to me than I could have possibly imagined." Elliot Samuels


Student feedback

YSP looks to our young students who participate in the program to inform the continual development and quality of program. 4th and 5th graders enjoy the hands on science lessons. They also enjoy writing their YSP lab science journals so they can go back and review their notes before the next lesson. Perhaps what they enjoy most is the way that TAs integrate real world activities and personal examples into their science lessons.

“I love when Allison tells me about what she does in her classes, she works with brains.” 5th Grader Weemes Elementary
 “I love when Katheryn comes, I wish she can come every day, I learn a lot from her.” 5th Grader Norwood Elementary.