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Your Impact

We are thankful!

Your contributions are making a real difference at USC Dornsife!

We are a vibrant community of students, faculty, alumni, parents and friends who are on a shared journey to change our world for the better.  Every contribution helps us to advance our mission to educate, enrich and empower current and future generations of students and faculty to take bold, daring leaps recognizing possibilities and seizing opportunities.

We invite you to see the impact of your gifts by viewing stories from our dedicated supporters and those who have benefited from their generosity.

Student Research of a Lifetime: Archaeological Excavation In Ancient Rome

As part of the Problems Without Passports Program, students travelled to the ancient town of Ostia, Rome to research the role of port life and participated in an archaeological excavation this summer.

Providing Students Career Preparation

Volunteers, donors, alumni and friends support Gateway Internship Program to offer Dornsife students a summer internship program that combines robust internships with structured classroom and mentoring support to ensure the highest possible success. 

The Scholarship Savvy Student

Tory Holland, now a senior in USC Dornsife, did the research and nabbed several lucrative scholarships that went toward her tuition and helped her gain invaluable experiences.

Pillars of Support

The lead gift for the Brain and Creativity Institute Building, which officially opened Nov. 6, came from longtime university supporters Dana and David Dornsife. Joyce Cammilleri donated funds for the performance hall.

Marine Biologist Takes Risks

USC Dornsife’s Jed Fuhrman will receive part of a $35 million award from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to conduct high-risk research focusing on how complex marine microbial systems interact and change over time.

“Our dreams are made realties from the generosity and care of others, whether it be a friend sitting next to you late at night in Doheny library or donors such as yourselves who help lighten the burden of tuition.”

-Sarah Kaplan,
Cole Family Scholarship Recipient