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Office address: 3616 Trousdale Parkway AHF M229, Los Angeles, CA 90089

Phone: 213-740-3675; E-mail: liu284@usc.edu;


Ph.D. Ocean Sciences, University of Southern California, USA, 2016 (expected)

M.S. Marine Biology, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, College of William and Mary, USA, 2011

B.S. Biological Sciences, Ocean University of China, China, 2008


2014-present Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. Southern California

2012-2014 Teaching Assistant (BISC120L, 220L: General Biology), Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. Southern California

2008-2011 Graduate Research Assistant, SMS/VIMS, College of William and Mary

2006-2008 Undergraduate Research Assistant, Marine Ecology and Environment Laboratory, First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanographic Administration, China


Yi-Fei Sun, Univ. of Southern California


2014-16 NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellowship (NESSF)

2014 Spring, Award for Outstanding Teaching (BISC220L), Dept. Biological Sciences, Univ. of Southern California

2013 Fall, Award for Outstanding Teaching (BISC120L), Dept. Biological Sciences, Univ. of Southern California

2013 Spring, Award for Outstanding Teaching (BISC220L), Dept. Biological Sciences, Univ. of Southern California

2012 Wrigley Summer Fellowship, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies

2011-12 College Merit Graduate Fellowship, Univ. of Southern California

2004-07 Awards for Outstanding Academic Performance, Ocean Univ. of China


Liu, X., Jones, B.H., Kiefer, D.A., Hoteit, I., Zarokanellos, N., Kartadikaria, A.R., Teng, Y., and Levine, N.M. Assessing the impact of eddies on chlorophyll distributions and primary production in the central Red Sea using a predictive bio-optical phytoplankton model (in prep.).

Liu, X., and Levine, N.M. Submesoscale frontal heterogeneity enhances phytoplankton chlorophyll in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre (under review).

Liu, X., Smith Jr., W.O., Tang, K.W., Doan, N.H., Nguyen, N.L., 2015. Theoretical Size Controls of the Giant Phaeocystis globosa Colonies. Ocean Science Journal 50 (IOC/WESTPAC Special Issue, in print).

Smith, W.O., Liu, X., Tang, K.W., Doan, N.H., Nguyen, N.L., DeLizo, L.M., Wang, X.D., 2012. Giantism and its role in the harmful algal bloom species Phaeocystis globosa. Deep-Sea Research II 101, 95-106.

Liu, X., and Smith Jr., W.O., 2012. Physiochemical controls on phytoplankton distribution in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. Journal of Marine Systems, 94, 135-144.

Smith, W.O., Asper, V.L., Tozzi, S., Liu, X., Stammerjohn, S.E., 2011. Surface layer variability in the Ross Sea, Antarctica as assessed by continuous fluorescence measurements. Progress in Oceanography, 88, 28-45.


Liu, X., Smith, W.O., Doan, N.H., Nguyen, N.L., Tang, K.W.  Summer hydrography, nutrient stoichiometry, and phytoplankton distributions off southeast Viet Nam. Proceedings of International Conference on “Bien Dong 2012”, 2013.

Liu, X., 2011. Physiological, ecological and bio-optical characteristics of Phaeocystis globosa in coastal waters of south central Vietnam. M.S. thesis, College of William and Mary.

Liu, X., Hao, Y.J., Wang Z.L., 2008. The effects of nutrients limitation and initial inoculating cell densities on the interspecific competition between Prorocentrum and Alexandrium tamatense. Advances in Marine Science. 2008 No.1 (Chinese Core Journal)

Dai, F.F., Liu X., Sun P., 2007. The effect of phytoplankton diversity on biomass and specific growth rate. Advances in Marine Science. 2007 No.3 (Chinese Core Journal)


Liu, X., Jones, B.H., Kiefer, D.A., Zarokanellos, N., Teng, Y. Assessing the effect of eddy dynamics on phytoplankton productivity in the north central Red Sea: a modeling approach. 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, HI.

Smith, W.O., Liu, X., Doan, N.H., Tang, K.W., Nguyen, N.L. Giantism in the harmful algal species Phaeocystis globosa. 15th International Conference on Harmful Algae, 2012. Changwon Gyeongnam, Korea.

Liu, X. Physical-ecological interactions off Santa Catalina Island: an optical approach. Wrigley Summer Fellows 2012 Symposium. 2012. Univ. Southern California.

Liu, X., Penta, S., Chavez, F., Panduan, J., Ryan, J., Pereira, A., Smith, R., Caron, D., Jones, B. Bio-optical Discrimination of Phytoplankton Functional Groups in Monterey Bay, CA Using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. 2012 Ocean Science Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT.

Smith, W.O., Tozzi S., Liu, X., Asper, V.L. Continuous chlorophyll fluorescence measurements in the Ross Sea, Antarctica: scales of variability. 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR.


Remote Sensing of Environment


2011 SEAFARERS, The Ross Sea, Antarctica, 29 days. Vessel: Nathaniel B. Palmer

2009/10 Southeast Vietnamese Sea, Vietnam, 6 days. In collaboration with National Institute of Oceangraphy, Nha Trang, Vietnam


American Geophysical Union (since 2010)

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (since 2010)


  • Xiao Liu
  • University of Southern California
  • 3616 Trousdale Parkway, AHF B30
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089