Student Comments


This was very effective for me.  It helped me understand how to structure my sentences so that they clearly presented an argument.

Awesome session!  We were able to get through my whole four-page paper in 30 minutes.

Best service I have ever received regarding my writing.

I felt constructively criticized yet knew what I was doing right as well. 

[The consultant] really helped me see problems in my paper that I couldn't see after two drafts.

Good ideas and help.  [The consultant] let me figure it out with guidance.  I'll be back.

I liked meeting with different people because they gave a variety of ideas and techniques.

Very effective and efficient use of time. 

I learned some basic skills that can help me organize my thoughts in the future.

It helped me better understand my own argument.

Helped [me] understand teachers' comments on papers.

Great feedback on structure of essay--my consultant thought of organization techniques I hadn't considered.

Coming here has really allowed me to think about my prompts for papers more openly.  The consultant gives examples and ideas that I never would have thought about.

I think I improved a lot by working with consultants!

We did a lot of brainstorming that was great for me so that I could get some
direction with my paper. Thanks.

Great consultant. The Writing Center is a great place for lost or stuck writers.

It helped me a lot to understand my assignment and start writing.

Helped a lot with trying to clarify what my actual position was.

Consultant was EXCELLENT at helping me clarify and organize my thoughts. She didn't
even know the subject matter but she helped me stay on topic. Well done and mission

My consultant was amazing! She helped me clarify ideas and relate everything back to
the thesis without doing anything more than gently guiding the ideas I had already
thought up but couldn't articulate.

Pointed out things I wouldn't even have noticed or bothered to fix.

She helped me develop counter arguments, clarify stances. Thank you!

I really appreciate how helpful he was. He was able to critique my writing without
making me feel like an idiot.

I learned fresh new ways to work on my writing. Thanks!

It was extremely helpful to bounce ideas off of someone and get help working through
organization obstacles by finding logical and alternative answers.

Very helpful to get an outside view of my paper. Managed to get right to the heart of
the difficulties with my essay.

I was completely off in trying to understand how to write the essay. Great help!!

It was good to talk about my ideas with someone and hear feedback. I was able to
refine them and narrow my focus and overall have a better idea about where I want to
go with the paper.

I feel much more ready and confident to begin writing my paper after this conference.
Being able to simply discuss the issue was extremely valuable. Thank you!

He was able to make my ideas more concise and obvious without actually doing it for


Thank you for the positive feedback on my writing: the extra confidence helped push
me through some final revisions. Having someone to articulate my ideas to also helped
me make sure that I was stating my points as clearly as possible. I have a good intro
now, too.

I never thought my paper had so many problems. I’m glad the consultant pointed them
out. Now, I can fix them and turn in a nice corrected copy of my paper.

The consultant was amazing. She helped me understand what it was I really wanted to
say. Brainstorming with her was an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be coming
back here again.

  • Director: Geoffrey Middlebrook
  • Assistant Director: Roger Anderson
  • Location: Taper Hall of Humanities Room 216