How to prepare for a consultation

Writing Center consultations are most productive when you have thought in advance about what youwould like to work on with the consultant. If you are in the beginning stage of working on a paper, let us help you explore brainstorming techniques to generate ideas for answering your instructor’s assignment. If you have written a draft, go through the draft and mark those areas you are least satisfied with.

What to bring with you

Bring your assignment. Bring papers previously marked and returned to you from your instructor. Bring any ideas of what the person grading your paper wants you to do with this assignment. Bring any work you have already done on the assignment.

Whatever you do, come to your consultation ready to participate, with a specific agenda in mind. Some agendas might be:

  • “I would like to narrow the thesis for this paper.”
  • “I would like to develop some relevant examples for this paper.”
  • “I would like to revise this paper to incorporate my instructor’s suggestions.”
  • “I need to cite my evidence correctly.”
  • “I’m not sure that I have chosen an appropriate voice.”
  • “I don’t know if this evidence is convincing or relevant.”
  • “How can I use commas correctly?”
  • Director: Geoffrey Middlebrook
  • Assistant Director: Roger Anderson
  • Location: Taper Hall of Humanities Room 216