Consultation guidelines

Our consultants observe these guidelines in providing services to your students:

  • We do not edit or proofread student papers. We take a sample paragraph and show students how to edit and proofread it, and then we observe as the student uses the rest of the time available to put what we've shown into practice.
  • We do no more than what you yourself would do in discussing an assignment with your student in a conference. We do not function as coauthors of a paper, suggesting content or ideas beyond what students bring to a writing assignment themselves.
  • We do not evaluate any student?s writing. We help students discover ways to improve what they've written, but we don't tell them a paper is "good" or "OK," and we don't indicate what grade we think it should receive.
  • Consultations are for 30 minutes only, with a maximum of one per day. We want students to take their papers home to work on them overnight before returning for more help.
  • We inform an instructor of a student's visit to the Writing Center only with the student's permission.
  • We do not help students with anyone's writing but their own. For example, a student may not bring in a paper for a friend.
  • For group projects, all writers of a paper need to be present for the consultation.
  • We do not work with students on take-home exams.
  • Director: Geoffrey Middlebrook
  • Assistant Director: Roger Anderson
  • Location: Taper Hall of Humanities Room 216