Appointment policies


Scheduling an individual conference in advance. You can make a reservation for an individual conference with a Writing Consultant by calling our appointment line (213-740-3691) or stopping by our front desk (Taper Hall of Humanities 216). Individual conferences last for 30 minutes and begin on the hour and the half hour (10:00, 10:30, 11:00, etc.) You can schedule your appointment for that same day, depending upon availability, or for anytime during the current week or the following week (Monday-Thursday).  You can reserve one individual conference at a time. After that consultation is completed, you can make your next reservation.



Multiple appointments in one week.  Students can have up to two individual conferences per week depending upon availability.  However, in order to ensure that our services are fairly distributed, we only take one reservation per student at a time.  Also, we don’t consult with students more than once in a single day; after receiving some advice and feedback from a consultant, we ask that writers work on their projects on their own, at least overnight, before having another consultation.


Walk-in consultations. The Writing Center can be a very busy place, and reservations are highly recommended.  However, you can stop by without a reservation, and if a consultant is available you may be able to have a “drop-in” consultation.  For these walk-in appointments, it is best to check in with the person at the front desk five or ten minutes before the start time (consultations begin on the hour and the half hour). Without a reservation, you may arrive to find that all consultants are busy, and for that reason we recommend that you schedule your appointment in advance if possible.  When multiple students are attempting walk-in visits, priority is given to those who have not had a conference yet that week. 


Appointment etiquette. It is important to arrive for your appointment a few minutes early to get checked in. We will hold your appointment for five minutes after the scheduled start time. If you arrive after this five-minute grace period, you may find that your appointment was given to an alternate student, and you may have to reschedule for another time. If you cannot attend an individual conference or workshop for which you have signed up, please call and cancel in advance so we may offer that appointment to another student.  Students who make reservations and then skip them without notice may be limited or restricted from making future reservations.


Grammar, Style, and Skill Workshops.  Not offered during the summer.  During the regular academic year, the Writing Center offers small-group, one-hour workshops throughout the week on diffent aspects of grammar, style and skill. Each week there are two workshop topics, and each of these topics is taught several times throughout the week.  Enrollment is limited to six students per workshop, so it is best to make a reservation in advance if you’d like to attend a workshop.  Just like for the individual conferences, students are allowed to make one workshop reservation at a time, and can attend up to two workshops per week, based upon availability.  A complete list of workshop dates and times is available at our front desk and on our website.


Regular hours. Daytime conferences are held in Taper Hall of Humanities 216, Monday-Thursday 10:00-5:00.


Evening hours.  Not offered during the summer.  During the regular academic year, we offer evening appointments in Leavey Library (Monday-Thursday, 7:00-9:00, Room 3Z). These appointments are the same as the individual conferences at the Writing Center. They last for 30 minutes, starting on the hour and the half hour. To reserve an evening appointment, please call the Writing Center at (213) 740-3691.

  • Director: Geoffrey Middlebrook
  • Assistant Director: Roger Anderson
  • Location: Taper Hall of Humanities Room 216