Wrigley Marine Science Center Staff

  Roberta Marinelli, Ph.D.
Wrigley Institute Director
Phone: (213) 740-6780
Email: rmarinel@usc.edu

  Sean Conner
Assistant Director of Operations
Phone: (310) 510-4012
Email: sean.conner@usc.edu


Juan Carlos Aguilar
Boat Captain and
Waterfront Assistant
Phone: (310) 510-4031
Email: juanmilliondollars@yahoo.com


Gordon Boivin
Marine Operations Manager and
Boat Captain
Phone: (310) 510-4013
Miss Christi Cell Phone: (213) 700-4508
Email: boivin@usc.edu


Chad Burtrum
Miss Christi Cell Phone: (213) 700-4508
Email: chad.burtrum@gmail.com


Eric Castillo
USC Diving Safety Officer
Phone: (310) 510-4022
Email: uscdso@usc.edu


Katie Chvostal
Development Officer
Phone: (310) 510-4015
Email: chvostal@usc.edu


Lauren Czarnecki Oudin
Laboratory Manager
Phone: (310) 510-4002
Email: lauren.czarnecki@usc.edu


Karen Erickson
Reservations and Group Services Specialist
Phone: (310) 510-4016
Email: klericks@usc.edu


Holly Gayler
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (310) 510-0811
Email: hgayler@usc.edu


John Heidelberg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Phone: (310) 510-4064
Email: jheidelb@usc.edu


Karla Heidelberg, Ph.D.
USC Environmental Studies Program Director
Phone: (213) 740-0951 or (310) 510-4038 
Email: kheidelb@usc.edu


Karl Huggins
Chamber Director
Phone: (310) 510-4020
Email: huggins@usc.edu


Josh Jensen
Facility Attendant
Phone: (310) 510-0811
Email: jbjensen@usc.edu


Vivian Kim
Education Program Assistant
Phone: (310) 510-4039
Email: viviank@usc.edu


Eun-Jung Jewely Koh
Hyperbaric Chamber and Education Support
Phone: (310) 510-4020
Email: koheunju@usc.edu


Phil Lopez
Phone: (310) 510-4026
Email: philcheezy@yahoo.com


Stephen McElroy
Facility Manager
Phone: (310) 510-4001
Email: mcelroy@usc.edu


Art Mireles
Facility Attendant
Phone: (310) 510-0811


Remington Moss
Facilities Attendant
Phone: (310) 510-4026
Email: remingtm@usc.edu


Maureen Oudin
Administrative Manager
Phone: (310) 510-4017
Email: maureen@usc.edu


Trevor Oudin
Waterfront Coordinator and
Boat Captain 
Phone: (310) 510-4024
Email: toudin@usc.edu


Randy Phelps
Facility Coordinator
Phone: (310) 510-4058
Email: rphelps@usc.edu


Jose Platas
Phone: (310) 510-4026
Email: pirineo2003@yahoo.com


Patrick Rollins
Facility Attendant
Phone: (310) 510-0811
Email: prollins@usc.edu


Lorraine Sadler
Chamber Technician and
Education Specialist
Phone: (310) 510-4023
Email: lsadler@usc.edu


Kellie Spafford
Lab Technician
Phone: (310) 510-0811
Email: kspaffor@usc.edu


Mark Van Liew 
Facility Attendant
Phone: (310) 510-4031
Email: mcvl73@hotmail.com