Waterfront Facilities

The Wrigley Marine Science Center has a dock and pier, helipad, dive locker and diver staging area. It also is home to the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.

  • The waterfront has a 120-by-20-foot floating dock in water that's 24 feet deep at Mean Lower Low Water. The dock is attached to a 70-by-20-foot standing pier with a freshwater spigot, a five-ton capacity jib crane and 110-volt electrical outlets.
  • A fleet of small boats is available to students and researchers for access to study sites in the Big Fisherman's Cove marine reserve. Please contact Trevor Oudin (toudin@usc.edu) for further information, and click here for a copy of our Boating Safety Manual.
  • The waterfront has a helipad, built to FAA specifications and licensed by the State of California for day or night helicopter landings. The helipad serves the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, and it's used during evacuation for other medical emergencies. The helipad can be used for routine transportation between the island and mainland by special arrangement with independent helicopter services.
  • Two dive lockers with locked storage for gear as well as showers and dressing rooms for up to 80 divers. An air compressor onsite can fill DIN and yoke type tanks to 3500 psi. A diver staging area is located outside the diving lockers, and includes freshwater tubs for rinsing gear and equipment.

For more information, see the scientific diving section of our website.