Boone Center Serves as “Camp David for the Environment”

One of the crown jewels of the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island is the George and MaryLou Boone Center for Science and Environmental Leadership.

Built with a lead gift from George and MaryLou Boone in 2004, and complemented by the generous backing of additional USC benefactors, the facility carries their name in acknowledgement of their support.

The Boone Center is central to USC Wrigley Institute’s vision of a solutions-oriented future, a "Camp David for the environment." Scientists and policy makers use the Boone Center as an island haven where they can convene and collaborate on environmental issues. The intimate facility also hosts training programs, leadership and planning retreats, small science meetings and high-profile conferences on environmental topics. The upscale complex is situated on a hillside overlooking Big Fisherman’s Cove, giving scholars and environmental decision-makers a serene island setting that encourages contemplation, creativity and camaraderie. The center includes 6 houses with 15 bedrooms, a central meeting hall, and a videoconferencing center in the main laboratory building.

The Boone Center represents the culmination of years of dedicated support for the Wrigley Institute by George Boone, who played a critical role in the growth of the island campus. First elected to the USC Board of Trustees in 1995, George Boone was a member of the USC College Board of Councilors and the Advisory Board of the Wrigley Institute. Prior to the Boone Center, George and MaryLou Boone supported the 2001 construction of a cottage at the island, the Boone House, to house faculty, students and other visitors to the laboratory.

Moving forward, the Wrigley Institute is excited to nurture the growing success of the Boone Center. We also plan to capitalize upon that momentum by establishing a complementary Center for Environmental Understanding with enhanced education resources and collaboration spaces. This center is a major priority of our current Campaign. Together, the centers will continue to transform the Wrigley Marine Science Center into a vibrant ‘collaboratory’ that draws scholars and visitors from all over the world to exchange ideas, educate students, and engage the public.

For more information about the proposed Center for Environmental Understanding, we invite you to read our Strategic Plan (PDF).

For more information about the Boone Center, please click here.