WAVES Newsletter, Winter 2014

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Message from the Director
by Roberta Marinelli
We hear the terms “sustainable” and “sustainability” frequently, but what do they mean? While there are many interpretations, a general definition of a sustainable world is one in which human needs are met equitably and without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


WIES Joins “Kelp Watch” Radiation Study
by Richard Hoops
Researchers with the USC Wrigley Institute will collect kelp in the waters of Big Fisherman’s Cove as part of a scientific campaign to evaluate radioactive contamination three years after a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


Investigating the Venus Fly Trap of the Sea
by Richard Hoops
A team of USC biologists affiliated with the USC Wrigley Institute is working on a $1.2 million study of marine organisms that are the microscopic equivalent of the Venus flytrap.


USC Sea Grant Studies Impact of Sea Level Rise on Los Angeles and the Channel Islands
by Richard Hoops
The USC Sea Grant Program released a major report in January 2014 on the vulnerability of the City of Los Angeles to rising sea levels, and Sea Grant—housed within the USC Wrigley Institute and USC Dornsife—is working with a collaboration of local governments and interest groups to continue this work for the rest of Los Angeles County, including Catalina Island.


Wrigley Institute Faculty Member to Receive Prestigious Award in Biosciences
by Richard Hoops
The American Society for Microbiology will honor Douglas Capone, William and Julie Wrigley Professor of Biological Sciences in USC Dornsife, for his outstanding accomplishments as a marine microbiologist at the society’s general meeting in May.


Peace Corps and USC Led WIES Graduate Student to International Naval Research
by Richard Hoops
Augie Vogel came to USC in the late 1990s with a bachelor’s degree in biology and three years experience in the Peace Corps; he left USC in 2006 with a Ph.D. in biology, a NOAA Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship in Washington, D.C. and, ultimately, connections for a career that has taken him around the world.


Remembering Betty Plumleigh
The Wrigley Institute mourns the loss of Advisory Board Member Elizabeth “Betty” Plumleigh.


This issue is dedicated to the memory of Chad Hidalgo. He joined the USC Wrigley Institute family in 2007 and was tragically taken from us on February 17, 2014. He is loved and missed by many.