The mission of the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies is to encourage responsible and creative decisions in society by providing an objective source of marine and environmental science and fostering an understanding of the natural world among people of all ages.

Our affiliated faculty conduct research in all aspects of the environment. Wrigley Institute scientists investigate biological adaptations to climate change, study interactions among humans and natural systems, and connect science to environmental policy. We also offer unique educational programming and work with foundations and the public to enhance environmental awareness.

New at the Wrigley Institute


Kelp Biofuel Project featured on NPR

Listen to the segment on All Things Considered here.

Susan and Philip Hagenah Postdoctoral Fellowship

In support of USC postdocs conducting marine, earth, environmental and/or sustainability research. Due Sept 29th.

Gerald Bakus Graduate Fellowship

In support of USC graduate students in Marine and Environmental Biology. Due Sept. 29th.

WIES Student Research Blog

Graduate and undergraduate students in our summer programs share their stories from the lab and the field.