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Web Video

Listed below are a few options to embed video in web pages developed using the Dornsife Content Management System. We have the ability to convert any video you may have, and optimize it for the web. The options below are for 4:3 aspect ratios. If you have video in the 16:9 aspect ratio commonly used with Hi definition video, contact us and we will provide some options for you.

Video recorded by DTS is currently recorded at a resolution of 640x480. The default resolution for You Tube video is 569x349. You can adjust the size of your video by entering values between the width and height tags in the code. You can also embed a video in your page using the .MP4 format.

Option 1: Mediasite Video Link Embed

If you have a video link from DTS, and would like to embed the video into your web page, paste this line of HTML code into your web page:

<iframe src=”ENTER THE FULL MEDIASITE LINK” frameborder=”0″ width=”ENTER YOUR DESIRED WIDTH” scrolling=”no” height=”ENTER YOUR DESIRED HEIGHT” style=”position:relative; “></iframe>

Here is an example:


Option 2: You Tube Video Embed

If you have a You Tube account, select the share button, then select embed, then copy and paste

the code into your page. Here is an example:


Option 3: Quicktime Movie (.mov) Embed

You will need to use the Dornsife CMS to upload your video. The only accepted format is a quicktime .mov video file, compressed using the h.264 codec. If your movie is in another format (.avi., .m4v, .wmv) DTS can convert your video files to the correct format if needed. You can adjust the size of the player by changing the width and height. The code below will be generated by the CMS. Here is an example:

<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="/assets/swf/player.swf" bgcolor="#262626" quality="high" scale="noScale" salign="lt" menu="false" allowscriptaccess="always" flashvars="autoplay=false&config=/videos/xml/372/0/cts-quicktime-example/" width="396" height="223" />



Contact DTS if you have any additional questions.